We leverage AI to help humans make better decisions, faster.

Our Mission
We believe AI will augment human intelligence, not replace it. At Viable, our mission is to help you understand your customers with minimal effort — so you can focus on what matters, not tedious data analysis.
Our Story
We initially started Viable to help companies measure their product market fit, but quickly realized that while companies had tools to collect a ton of data, there was no way to analyze that data accurately and efficiently without a lot of human capital.

So we built Viable using state-of-the-art AI models to generate true human-level analysis to help you listen to your audience, understand their needs, and act faster.
Daniel Erickson
Jeffrey Erickson
Robin Mehta
Senior Software Engineer
Sebastian Barbera
NLP Expert
Kateri Tyre
Software Engineer
Danny Varty
Head of Sales
Don Park
Colin Gesik
Business Development Representative
Matthew Eernisse
Principal Engineer
Sezgi Beck
Senior Software Engineer
Nicole Bansal
Head of Marketing
Our Investors
We couldn’t have done it without the support of these wonderful people.
Rahul Vohra
Scott Belsky
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