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Leverage our AI & GPT-4 to uncover powerful insights from your private data securely, and without lifting a finger.
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Leading companies rely on our analysis.

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When managing a product, you need a variety of channels for gathering insights… Viable is the ultimate tool in your arsenal to ensure you’re listening to your customer feedback and eliminating any blind spots.
Si Dhanak
VP Product
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Viable is magicalOur process for analyzing qualitative data used to be incredibly manual, and a huge time suck. With their AI, we're able to find the needle in the haystack really easily.
Kalie Bishop
VP of Support
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Easy, accurate insights for teams with too much data and not enough time.

Don't settle for keywords. Get the full context.

True analysis runs deeper than word bubbles. Go beyond sentiment analysis with a weekly report of the most important Compliments, Complaints, Questions, and Requests sorted by volume and urgency. Each theme tracks changes over time and contains a summary, urgency score, product sub-themes, user profiles, and more.
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ai generated reports
Make decisions faster with analysis that requires no spreadsheets.
You shouldn’t be slowed down by SQL queries to get answers from your data; skip the pivot tables and make data-driven decisions faster. Just sync your data and let our AI take care of the hard part — we promise its human-level analysis will wow you.
Gain limitless potential for every department.
Use Viable to analyze sales call transcripts, customer support tickets, market research, employee surveys, and more. Our platform includes unlimited seats and integrations at every tier, no matter the size of your company. You just need 500 datapoints to get started.
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Dig deep into who, what, where, and why with metadata.
Each section of our report includes details on the people discussing that theme. Our AI uses customer traits and metadata to run true analysis and make recommendations based on details like NPS scores, customer tiers, region, and more — the same way a human would.
Work with confidence knowing your data is secure.
Viable is SOC 2 Type 2 certified. We offer automated PII redaction and our white-glove service team responds rapidly to custom data management requests.
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Listen better. Act faster.
Viable's platform empowers you to deeply understand your audience and track weekly changes based on your real-world actions. 

Customers use our insights to increase NPS, reduce support ticket volumes, optimize product time-to-market, and save on operating costs by automating feedback analysis.

Our natural-language reports are filled with such deep analysis and actionable insights, you'll be convinced a human wrote them.

The best part? It’s all automatic.
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We've been told our AI feels like magic.
The quality of our report analysis and the text generated by GPT-4 is so high, that it's difficult to distinguish from that written by a human. How?

Viable uses state-of-the-art AI models to go beyond simple summarization and generate true analysis that exemplifies creative, reliable, and deeply perceptive reasoning over multidimensional data. We ladder multiple stages of analysis into a pipeline of models that qualitatively assess both text (like app reviews) and numerical data (like user statistics). We use deep learning to fine-tune our models and ensure a high degree of accuracy.

True human analysis runs deep and is incredibly difficult for technology to replicate – which is why, until recently, no company has tried. Until Viable.
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Set up is easy. Sync your data in minutes.
We integrate directly with leading platforms like Zendesk, Intercom, or Front for customer support; Delighted for surveys; Gong for call transcripts; the app stores for product reviews; and many more. You can add data from virtually any source via Zapier and even import CSV files.
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