A complete qualitative AI designed for business teams.

Move faster than ever before with fully contextualized insights about what your customers are telling you.
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Feedback Analysis Reports present your customer insights in simple language so you can make decisions faster.

All the customer insights you need in powerful yet simple reports.

With Feedback Analysis Reports, all your customer feedback is analyzed and distilled into top complaints, compliments, requests, questions, and more via natural language reports. No complex dashboards to digest.

Save time with insights delivered in the format your brain works.

We believe customer feedback analysis presented in the way you think and speak make for faster understanding. With qualitative feedback fully contextualized in natural language, your entire team empathizes with customers better.

Customizable reports help you focus on what matters most.

You can customize feedback reports by data source, product hierarchies, customer segments, or markets so you can focus on your domain area and move even faster.
You have questions.
Viable has answers.
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Question and Answer lets you dive deeper with natural language questions that don’t slow you down.

Do your customer research due diligence with specific, targeted questions.

Customer feedback anecdotes skew decisions. You should have data-backed insights no matter how specific your question is. Viable Question and Answer supports natural language questions so you get accurate answers.

Explore every line of thinking in seconds, not days.

You typically have follow up questions when you're conducting customer feedback analysis. Viable Question and Answer helps you keep moving quickly—no SQL queries or reformatting needed. Every question is answered in seconds.

Maintain momentum in your research and analysis without leaving Slack.

Our Slack integration lets you (or any colleague) ask @Viable natural language questions so you can learn more about a specific area of your data without interrupting your workflow. Your team can ask questions too, right in Slack.

If you have the data, Viable will find the insights.

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Integrations with Viable make it easy to get your data all in one place in no time.

Start making decisions within minutes of synching your raw feedback data.

New tools often take time to figure out and implement, which keep you from seeing value right away. Viable is both intuitive and easy to sync so you can get insights on day one. Each direct tool integration takes two clicks to set up. Explore what customers are saying right away.

Make decisions using insights from datasets you’ve always wanted to but couldn’t.

Besides helpdesk tickets, surveys, or reviews, SaaS tools also capture user comments on product roadmaps, internal customer notes, and call transcripts. But they live in different places. With our Zapier integration, bring data from many apps together to make decisions based on all your feedback.

Analyze your unique or custom datasets with our straightforward API or via CSVs.

Unique datasets often provide some of the richest insights. Connect your custom data sources to Viable with our API. Got CSVs of data to analyze? We’ll help you get them into Viable, sorted and analyzed just like any other dataset.
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