Viable Use Cases

Customer Experience

customer experience

As a customer experience professional, you aim to elevate your customer’s voice, but you may lack the resources to efficiently gather useful insights from customer feedback at scale. Existing analytics tools only give you keywords and charts, so you waste countless hours manually tagging issues or building custom reports - time that could be better spent serving your customers.

Our Generative Analysis solution finds and surfaces the most important issues from your customer feedback quickly and accurately — and puts them into shareable reports automatically. Not keywords in a complex matrix, but easy-to-read reports so you can get everyone on the same page to make informed, customer-first decisions.

employee engagement

Employee Engagement

As an HR professional, you understand the importance of employee feedback in driving organizational success. However, analyzing this data is a challenging and time-consuming task. Traditional softwares often fall short when it comes to analyzing open-ended survey questions and unstructured data like Glassdoor reviews.

Unlock the true potential of your employee feedback data with our powerful AI analysis. Viable's advanced natural language processing capabilities enable you to dive deep into your employee feedback, extracting powerful insights that go beyond surface-level scores.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your employees' thoughts, concerns, and suggestions to drive informed decision-making and foster a more engaged and satisfied workforce.

Marketing Insights

marketing insights

Everyone wants marketers to measure everything. Like qualitative customer feedback. As a marketer you don’t want to develop messaging without some understanding of your customers. Hard numbers from quantitative data aren’t enough. You need to know what customers are telling you in their own words across channels without spending hours or days pulling it together, reading every comment, and categorizing each reply.

Viable helps you get to know your customers better by bringing together qualitative feedback and analyzing it automatically so you can be better informed in your day-to-day. With fully contextualized natural language reports about what customers are saying, you don’t waste time waiting for answers.

Product Management
product management

Customer feedback is the lifeblood of a product manager's work. And while there are dozens of tools that help aggregate and organize customer data, none can truly analyze freeform text the same way a human can. Until now.

Our platform qualitatively assesses both text (like online reviews) and numerical data (like NPS scores) in a unified manner. Our AI copes with contextual scaling and computational limits of large language models by joining multiple stages of analysis into a pipeline using high-signal buckets. What does all that mean for you? No more spreadsheets or manual tagging ever again.

customer research

In fast-paced businesses with time constraints and limited budgets, leaders often don't interact with customers directly on a regular basis. Gaining valuable user insights and building a customer-centric culture in this environment can be a challenge.

As a user research professional, you advocate a habit of using customer insights in all strategic decisions. However, the manual and disjointed work of extracting insights from user interviews, help desk tickets, social media channels, online reviews, surveys, and more can slow you down, especially for projects with short sprints.

Viable clears that bottleneck by doing the time-consuming work of sorting, filtering, tagging, counting, and analyzing all that data, allowing you to focus on actioning meaningful insights. Our sophisticated AI engine can help you save time and foster a more user-centric mindset across your organization, empowering you to make data-driven decisions without compromising on efficiency or quality.

voice of the customer
Voice of the Customer

The voice of the customer refers to the insights and feedback gathered directly from customers regarding their experiences with a product, service, or brand. It encompasses capturing and comprehending customers' expectations, preferences, and pain points to enhance business offerings and elevate the overall customer experience.

In today's market, businesses need to go beyond traditional market research and surveys to truly understand their customers. The voice of the customer approach emphasizes active listening and engagement with customers, enabling businesses to gain valuable insights into their needs, wants, and perceptions.

The voice of the customer methodology encompasses the entire customer journey—it involves collecting feedback across various channels, including surveys, interviews, social media, customer support interactions, and product reviews. By gathering feedback from diverse sources and touchpoints, businesses gain a holistic understanding of their customers' experiences and sentiments.

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