Save hundreds of hours analyzing feedback.

Harness the power of AI & GPT-3 to automate your qualitative data analysis.

Unstructured feedback is your company’s most valuable untapped resource.

Of course hard numbers tell an important story; user stats and sales numbers will always be key metrics. But every day, your users are sharing a huge amount of qualitative data, too — and a lot of companies either don't know how or forget to act on it.
Stewart Butterfield
CEO and Co-founder
BRD Wallet
Sutherland Labs
Knowing what happened at scale when it’s relevant and then the richness of why, is super powerful. But when you’re developing new things...the value of the qualitative instances is usually pretty clear.
Celeste Ridlen
Head of User Research, Hosting

Data-driven companies don’t ignore more than half of their data.

of data is unstructured and qualitative in nature.
of teams think it’s too hard to work with qualitative data.
hours spent on qualitative analysis by a PM or CX Lead per month.

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Elevate the voice of your customers with data-backed rigor.

How do you get customer insights in a data-backed way to fix broken UX flows, increase retention, craft more targeted messaging, and otherwise customize your offerings for your customers?

By analyzing feedback from your helpdesk, surveys, app reviews, social media, call transcripts, and more in a methodical way. AI has recently gotten good at processing text, extracting meaning, and making recommendations based on qualitative data at scale.

Viable uses state-of-the-art AI models (including GPT-3) to aggregate, analyze, and summarize customer feedback. You get immediate, accurate insights in natural language. The simple interface is designed for all business users (not just analysts). You can finally stop relying on anecdotes that lead to biased decisions.
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Key decision makers are driven by customer feedback.

Product Management
Get the insights you’ve been missing from half your data.
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Customer Experience
Build amazing customer experiences with spot-on insights from your feedback.
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Customer Research
Speed up how you get insights from qualitative analysis.
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Turn customer feedback into insights without the legwork.
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Commit to truly being customer first.

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Instant, accurate, data-backed— qualitative insights for every team.

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Make decisions faster with analysis that needs no pivot tables or SQL.

You shouldn’t be slowed down by SQL queries to get qualitative insights from customer feedback analysis. Skip the pivot tables and make faster, data-backed decisions. With Viable, just sync your data and we take care of the hard part.

Get the full context (not just keywords) to make decisions.

To make critical product or customer decisions, you need as much context as you can get. A simple list of topics or keywords isn’t enough. Get better informed with readable summaries and recommendations that bring your customers’ words to life.

Get your whole team fluent in user insights with a simple user interface.

Every cross functional team member should have access to the same customer insights data. With customer feedback analysis in one easy-to-use place, your entire team can get on the same page without navigating multiple, technical systems.

Make an already-smart AI that much smarter every day.

Each data point Viable analyzes helps make the AI more useful for you and your use case, regardless of industry, function, or business model. We’ve processed 2.3 million data points to date and we plan to add many, many more.

Work with confidence knowing your data is secure.

You shouldn’t have to wonder whether your data is handled with the highest standards of security. Viable offers automated PII redaction, is SOC 2 certified, and responds rapidly to custom data management requests.
Data points processed
Themes identified by our AI
Questions answered
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Act faster with our automated feedback analysis reports.

Viable’s Feedback Analysis Reports provide human-like analysis by category like customer complaints, compliments, requests, and questions so you can instantly know where to focus. The data is counted to show you the size of the issue.

The best part? It’s all automatic. No setup needed.
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Dig deeper into insights and trends by asking questions.

See an interesting insight or concerning trend in your Feedback Summary Report? Dive deeper with Question and Answer. Simply ask your question in natural language—just type them into Viable or via Slack—and get a natural language response in seconds, powered by GPT-3.
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Set up is easy. Sync your feedback data in minutes.

Connect Zendesk, Intercom, or Front for customer support, or Delighted for surveys directly to Viable in just two clicks. Connect other helpdesks, surveys, review apps, and more via Zapier. We’ll even import your CSVs of customer feedback.
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