We leverage AI to help humans make better decisions, faster.

Viable's Mission

We believe AI will augment human intelligence, not replace it. At Viable, our mission is to help you understand your customers with minimal effort — so you can focus on what matters, not tedious data analysis.

About Viable

We initially started Viable to help companies measure their product market fit, but quickly realized that while companies had tools to collect a ton of data, there was no way to analyze that data accurately and efficiently without a lot of human capital.

So we built Viable using state-of-the-art AI models to generate true human-level analysis to help you listen to your audience, understand their needs, and act faster.

Why We Founded Viable

We are two brothers with a shared passion. Over the past 15 years, we've poured our hearts into building products at companies like Eaze, Zendesk, and Microsoft. We've always believed that the magic happens when the connection between those who create and those who use is genuine and strong. The standout moments in our careers have been with companies that truly listened to their customers. That's the secret sauce.

So, why did we start Viable? Simply put, we wanted to help teams like ours get even closer to their users. We dreamt of a tool that not only helps teams understand their customers' true needs but also makes decision-making a breeze. Imagine being able to dive deep into feedback effortlessly, asking questions, and getting a clear, holistic view. That's the experience we aimed to create with Viable.

- Dan & Jeff Erickson
Jeffrey Erickson Viable Co-Founder
Founder & CPO
Danny Varty VP of Sales at Viable
VP of Sales & Customer Growth
Sebastian Barbera Head of AI at Viable
Sebastian Barbera
Head of AI
Nicole Bansal Head of Marketing at Viable
Nicole Bansal
Head of Marketing
Matthew Eernisse Head of Product Engineering at Viable
Matthew Eernisse
Head of Product Engineering
Colin Gesik Account Executive at Viable
Account Executive
Joana Fernando Administrative Assistant  at Viable
Joana Fernando
Executive Assistant to the CEO
Akincan Kilic Machine Learning Engineer at Viable
Akıncan Kılıç
Machine Learning Engineer
Neal Hornes Administrate Assistant at Viable
Executive Assistant to the CPO
The History of Viable
When Dan identifies a universally-needed process bogged down by manual tasks, his instinct is to innovate. Partnering with Jeff, his twin brother and co-founder, they conceptualized a tool to revolutionize that process for businesses globally.

In January 2020, Viable emerged. With merely an idea and a few mockups, they secured investment, aligning with giants like Craft Ventures and Javelin Partners. Notably, industry leaders like Rahul Vohra, David Sacks, and a slew of visionaries saw the transformative potential of Viable.

By June 2020, Viable was unveiled to the world. Its debut on ProductHunt initially attracted a wave of startups. But a trend began to emerge: larger, seasoned enterprises began to adopt Viable. These corporations, with their vast repositories of qualitative data, sought an advanced tool to delve into and derive insights from this data.

Recognizing this shift, Viable honed its trajectory. Remaining rooted in customer feedback, they crafted a system to not just aggregate, but intricately analyze feedback. This entailed in-depth topic extraction, nuanced sentiment assessment, and pinpoint metadata analysis, streamlining the entire feedback navigation process.

The next leap forward was fine-tuning GPT-3, enabling Viable to introduce an intuitive Q&A system for customer feedback. Now, users could pose questions in natural language and receive a GPT-3 crafted answer, all grounded in the extensive customer data that Viable had organized. With such continuous innovation, Viable stands at the forefront of the AI industry, setting new benchmarks for excellence.
Viable's Investors
We couldn’t have done it without the support of these wonderful people.
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Rahul Vohra
Scott Belsky
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