Boost employee engagement by effortlessly decoding feedback.

Overcome the limitations of traditional HR tools. Elevate employee engagement with simple & effortless AI-powered analysis.
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Drive meaningful change with actionable insights.

As an HR professional, you understand the importance of employee feedback in driving organizational success. However, analyzing this data is a challenging and time-consuming task. Traditional softwares often fall short when it comes to analyzing open-ended survey questions and unstructured data like Glassdoor reviews.

Unlock the true potential of your employee feedback data with our powerful AI analysis. Viable's advanced natural language processing capabilities enable you to dive deep into your employee feedback, extracting powerful insights that go beyond surface-level scores.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your employees' thoughts, concerns, and suggestions to drive informed decision-making and foster a more engaged and satisfied workforce.
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Analyze multi-lingual feedback from any data source.

Don't limit yourself to an annual multiple-choice survey in English. Effortlessly analyze multi-lingual text from a variety of sources, including open-ended survey feedback, Glassdoor reviews, interview transcripts, social media, and more. Break down language barriers and gain a comprehensive understanding of your diverse workforce to better foster inclusivity.

Scale your workforce and their engagement without breaking the bank.

Maximize the potential of your data with AI analysis that scales beyond human capabilities. Viable’s fully automated system does the work of a team of analysts at a fraction of the cost and in less time.

Our AI can process vast amounts of data quickly and accurately, saving you and your team valuable time while reducing operational overhead. This cost-effective solution empowers you and your team to focus on what matters: the employee experience, not tedious data analysis.
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Uncover hidden relationships for a comprehensive view.
Gain a nuanced understanding of your feedback with Viable's generative analysis. Each theme includes anonymizable data about the employees delivering that feedback, empowering you to build data-driven, targeted initiatives for affected groups.

Our solution takes a comprehensive approach, combining turnover risk with metadata like tenure, region, gender, or any other traits to provide a nuanced understanding of your employees' experiences. By gaining a holistic view, you can identify underlying drivers of engagement, detect trends, and make informed decisions that improve workplace satisfaction.
Empower your leaders with actionable insights and unlimited seats.
Democratize data access and foster collaboration across your organization with unlimited user seats included at every price point, always. Build custom workspaces in minutes, and share them instantly, empowering leaders to take swift action on valuable insights.
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Ready to elevate the voice of your employees?
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