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AI- powered analysis
that exceeds human performance.

Unstructured feedback is your most valuable untapped resource. Turn it into your competitive advantage by actively listening with our Generative Analysis.

Analyzing qualitative data manually just isn't viable.

Automate your analysis through powerful yet simple reports.

Save hundreds of hours and never look at another spreadsheet again. With our natural language reports, feedback from different sources is analyzed and automatically distilled into the most important themes based on the urgency of the language, customer tiers, churn risk, and more -- not just volume or keywords.

Eliminate blind spots with weekly insights delivered directly to your inbox.

Our AI tracks weekly changes in your feedback to identify emerging themes and delivers them via email every Monday. Every sentiment is backed with direct quotes, datapoints, and metadata so you never have to guess why? again.

Customers rely on our insights to increase NPS, reduce support ticket volumes, optimize time-to-market, and save on operating costs.

Leverage custom reports and powerful search tools to focus on what matters most.

Customize feedback reports by data source, product hierarchy, customer segment, or market so you can hone in on what matters most. Our easy search functionality allows users to dig through any area of our analysis, including the raw data. All you need is at least 500 datapoints to get started.

Data-driven companies don’t ignore more than half of their data.

of data is unstructured and qualitative in nature.
of teams ignore this data because it’s too hard to work with.
hours spent on qualitative analysis by a PM or CX Lead EVERY month.

Ready to save time and get more from your feedback?

Analyzing qualitative data manually just isn't viable.

You have questions. Our AI has answers.

Dig deeper into your feedback by using our Q&A feature. Simply ask a question and our AI will respond with data-backed answers in seconds - no SQL queries or extra analysis needed. Explore every line of thinking in seconds, not days with our powerful natural language processing models.

Extract insights from data sources you never thought possible.

Analyze feedback from datasets you never even thought to analyze like Reddit threads, Glassdoor reviews, meeting transcripts, or any text based data source. With our Zapier integration, you can integrate data from many apps together to make decisions based on all your feedback.

Analyze custom datasets via our API or CSVs.

Unique datasets often provide some of the richest insights. Easily connect your custom data sources to Viable with our API or send us your CSV files. Work with confidence knowing your data is always secure with Viable as we’re SOC 2 Type 2 certified.

Sync your data in minutes

Viable integrates directly with over a dozen leading platforms including Zendesk, Intercom, and Gong. You can add data from virtually any source via Zapier and even import CSV files. Plus, our dynamic 2-way API seamlessly connects with your existing workflows.

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