Identify the needs of your customers through our state of the art customer research.

Whether you're looking to better understand your users or analyze a potential investment, make data-driven decisions faster with AI-powered insights.
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Short sprints and tight budgets don’t have to limit the role of customer research.

In fast-paced businesses with time constraints and limited budgets, leaders often don't interact with customers directly on a regular basis. Gaining valuable user insights and building a customer-centric culture in this environment can be a challenge.

As a user research professional, you advocate a habit of using customer insights in all strategic decisions. However, the manual and disjointed work of extracting insights from user interviews, help desk tickets, social media channels, online reviews, surveys, and more can slow you down, especially for projects with short sprints.

Viable clears that bottleneck by doing the time-consuming work of sorting, filtering, tagging, counting, and analyzing all that data, allowing you to focus on actioning meaningful insights. Our sophisticated AI engine can help you save time and foster a more user-centric mindset across your organization, empowering you to make data-driven decisions without compromising on efficiency or quality.
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Ditch the complex customer research methodologies.

Gone are the days of wrestling with intricate research methodologies that consume valuable time and resources. With Viable, you can streamline and simplify your research process by analyzing existing data sets like sales meeting transcripts and customer emails. Our intuitive platform eliminates the need for convoluted methodologies by leveraging advanced AI technology to analyze and distill unstructured data into clear, concise findings.
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Scale your team’s influence and purpose with unlimited user seats.

While your team may not have the capacity to provide full-stack research support for every project, you excel at coaching cross-functional teams to leverage self-serve tools for accessing valuable user insights. With Viable as your trusted partner, you can ensure that teams have direct access to the most relevant and reliable insights from a dataset you trust. By enabling teams to tap into this valuable resource, you promote a culture of user-centric decision-making and empower your organization to make informed choices that drive success.
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Supercharge your insights across diverse tasks.
Viable isn't just limited to user research; it's a versatile solution that can be applied to multiple areas within your organization. From due diligence processes to market analysis, our state-of-the-art AI empowers you with comprehensive insights that drive informed decision-making from diverse datasets. Streamline workflows, enhance productivity, and gain a competitive edge in any domain.
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You have questions. Our AI has answers.
Customer research is an iterative process of (literally) asking question after question until you get to the right insight. Don’t get bogged down by painful technical queries, get plain language answers in seconds by asking our AI your deepest questions.
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Ready to speed up your insights process?
Our product experts will show you how easy it is to turn your research into useful insights. Book a demo to see how our qualitative AI works with your data.
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