Harness AI reporting for more impactful marketing insights.

Turn customer feedback from across channels into organized insights about your products and campaigns with minimal effort.
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What customers feel and want is the north star of your marketing insights.

Everyone wants marketers to measure everything. Even the squishy, hard-to-measure things. Like qualitative customer feedback. Complex, expensive research methodologies can tell you purchase intent or brand affinity but there isn’t always time or budget for that.

As a marketer you don’t want to develop messaging without some understanding of your customers. Hard numbers from quantitative data aren’t enough. You need to know what customers are telling you in their own words across channels without spending hours or days pulling it together, reading every comment, and categorizing each reply.

Viable helps you get to know your customers better by bringing together qualitative feedback and analyzing it automatically so you can be better informed in your day-to-day. With fully contextualized natural language reports about what customers are saying, you don’t waste time waiting for answers.
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Build strong customer listening processes at scale.

You might already collect customer intelligence and generate insights reports for your company. It takes a lot of manual effort that prevents you from scaling your impact. Use Viable as your secret weapon to build a better customer insights process.
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Understand instantly how your customers respond to campaigns.

As soon as a campaign or product launches, you listen to feedback so you can iterate quickly. But with feedback scattered, you don’t always get a full picture from customers. Let our state-of-the-art AI aggregate and synthesize it all for you.
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Pick useful signal out of a noisy haystack.
Some feedback datasets are so noisy that it’s almost not worth looking through them for insights. Viable is really good at it, though, thanks to advanced AI technology. We help you get the useful longtail of insights from noisy haystacks.
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Know your customers’ qualitative reactions without costly research.
You can’t launch every campaign with expensive research that takes weeks. But you can still learn from all types of qualitative customer feedback. Viable helps you explore your customer feedback and be more informed.
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qualitative reactions
Ready to learn more about your customers with fast and simple questions?
Our product experts will show you how easy it is to get insights from qualitative user feedback that you may be missing out on. Book a demo to see how our qualitative AI works with your data.
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