Get richer insights from your data, faster and at scale for product management.

Put away the spreadsheets. With our state-of-the-art AI, you can analyze unstructured feedback with unprecedented ease.
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Discover a wealth of product management insights without lifting a finger.

Customer feedback is the lifeblood of a product manager's work. And while there are dozens of tools that help aggregate and organize customer data, none can truly analyze freeform text the same way a human can. Until now.

At Viable, we use multiple generative AI models to go beyond simple summarization and generate true analysis that exemplifies creative, reliable, and deeply perceptive reasoning over multidimensional data. Our platform qualitatively assesses both text (like online reviews) and numerical data (like NPS scores) in a unified manner. Our AI copes with contextual scaling and computational limits of large language models by joining multiple stages of analysis into a pipeline using high-signal buckets.

What does all that mean for you? No more spreadsheets or manual tagging ever again.
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Understand what your customers need so you can prioritize what to build next.

Building a customer-obsessed culture starts with listening to your feedback in real-time. Don’t wait for survey responses to be tagged and analyzed manually; learn how users are reacting to product changes immediately. Our AI engine automates data analysis so you can make faster roadmap decisions.

Our easy-to-follow, natural language reports are delivered to your inbox weekly, written entirely by our AI, and supported directly with customer quotes so you can get to the most pressing points without digging.

Transform your sentiment analysis with untapped data sources.

Think of all your customer touchpoints - support tickets, sales call transcripts, user interviews, chat logs, social media... the list is never ending. Imagine if you had the ability to automatically process this information and extract insights from data you never before thought possible. Viable can help turn untapped data sources into a wealth of actionable insights.

Our insights help businesses increase customer satisfaction, reduce churn, all while saving hundreds of hours of manual analysis. You might even be able to put an end to those never-ending feature factory initiatives.
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Get everyone on the same page.
We believe in democratizing access to information. That's why our platform always includes unlimited seats and integrations to support companies at any stage of growth, no matter your size.

Give your whole company access to the same insights, from the same data, backed by the same logic. No technical skills needed, just the ability to read plain language.

Customers count on our AI to explore everything from sales call transcripts to customer support tickets, and product reviews to employee surveys.
AI to augment human intelligence, not replace it.
Leverage our AI to help you make better decisions, faster. Dig deeper into our analysis by asking the AI follow up questions, and marvel as it answers with data-driven responses in seconds.

At Viable, our mission is to help you understand your customers with minimal effort — so you can focus on what matters, not tedious data analysis.
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Ready to use your qualitative data to build stronger product roadmaps?
Get rigorous product and customer insights automatically. See how our state-of-the-art AI works with your data.