The Struggle is Real: Too Much Feedback Data and Not Enough Resources to Analyze It

Nicole Bansal
Nicole Bansal, September 28, 2022

Growth-minded companies recognize the value in asking for feedback from customers, partners, and employees. But listening, understanding, and extracting actionable insights from that feedback poses a significant challenge.

In today’s data-driven world, quantitative data is highly valued. But 80 to 90% of customer data remains unappreciated or underutilized because it is qualitative in nature. This data includes everything from customer support interactions to product reviews and call transcripts to satisfaction surveys – vital feedback that informs the future of your product or experience. Until recently, the process for analyzing customer feedback was entirely manual, painstaking, and time-intensive – a daunting task that requires significant time and resources. 

Thankfully, there’s now a simpler way to unlock insights from your data. Introducing the Experience Analysis Platform: The Future of Qualitative Data Analysis

An Experience Analysis Platform (XAP) is a new type of software that harnesses the power of AI and Natural Language Processing to analyze massive streams of unstructured data and extract actionable insights into easy-to-understand reports that read like a human spent days building them. An XAP empowers Product, Customer Experience, Research, and HR teams to deeply understand the needs of their audience so they can optimize experiences accordingly. 

With an Experience Analysis Platform, you can:

  • Analyze large amounts of feedback efficiently, reducing operational costs and manual errors
  • Extract actionable insights in real-time to improve your products and services
  • Dig into respondent traits and metadata to uncover hidden connections
  • Actively listen to your customers, partners, and employees to inform your strategy

Unstructured feedback is your company’s most valuable resource. Turn it into your competitive advantage by actively listening with an Experience Analysis Platform.

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*Source: MIT Sloan

Nicole Bansal
Nicole Bansal, September 28, 2022
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