Transform User Feedback Into Actionable Strategies

Drive product innovation and customer growth with the world's first AI analysis that can be custom-tailored to your unique business objectives.

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Save time, reduce churn, and elevate customer satisfaction with intelligent, directed results.

Our state-of-the-art AI transforms your unstructured feedback into actionable, tailored intelligence. Businesses use our insights to increase key metrics like NPS/CSAT, drive exceptional product improvements, and reduce support volumes.
Create a wide range of customized artifacts based on your data...
generative ai powered by viable
generative ai powered by viable
Craft data-backed strategies for each KPI
Analyze feedback by sentiment
Write detailed,
customer-centric PRDs
"Now, Next, Later"
...but by swim-lane!
Build a social media
response playbook
Get creative!
What will you build?
What sets Viable apart? Our Generative Analysis Platform is the only tool that allows you to take the reins by guiding the analysis through direct interaction with our advanced AI. Whether you want to reduce churn in a specific customer segment or prioritize new features, Viable acts as your strategic co-pilot.

Address the most pressing operational challenges faced by your team. Viable’s analysis pinpoints key areas for improvement to help you act decisively and implement changes that have a tangible impact on your business performance.
"When managing a product, you need a variety of channels for gathering insights… Viable is the ultimate tool in your arsenal to ensure you’re listening to your customer feedback and eliminating any blind spots."
Si Dhanak, VP Product at Latch
"Viable is magical. Our process for analyzing qualitative data used to be incredibly manual, and a huge time suck. With their AI, we're able to find the needle in the haystack really easily."
Kalie Bishop, VP of Support at Sticker Mule
"I've been deeply impressed by Viable's commitment to continuous improvement. After suggesting the addition of filters, not only did they incorporate it within weeks, but they also routinely update me on their roadmap. Their flexibility and genuine willingness to adapt for their customers' success is unparalleled."
Aileen Ringle, VP Customer Support at CollegeAve
reporting by viable

Don’t settle for simple summaries. Experience true analysis.

While most tools skim the surface, offering basic summaries of your data, Viable dives deeper. Our state-of-the-art AI understands and interprets your unstructured data like a human, adding meaningful context that turns raw feedback into insightful narratives with details Iike urgency, churn risk, user traits, and more. 
...not quite viable is it?
With Viable, you get more than pretty charts and word clouds—you get a complete, nuanced understanding of your customers’ perspectives, enabling you to make informed decisions that are rooted in genuine user experiences.

Get accurate & reliable results with no data leakage.

Relying on tools built with ChatGPT is risky business, given its propensity to hallucinate. Our fine-tuned analysis, blending 9 proprietary AI models with GPT-4, ensures consistently precise and reliable insights to guide every business decision.
Our models operate in a secured environment. Unlike other solutions, we ensure that your data is never used for training LLMs or co-mingled with other companies' data. Your data is your data – and it stays that way.
Datapoints processed
Themes identified by our AI
User traits analyzed
Experience matters.

Viable stands apart as a trusted name within the Artificial Intelligence community since 2020. Our industry tenure and long-standing partnership with OpenAI ensure that clients benefit from both cutting-edge analysis and unparalleled data protection.

reporting by viable
Integrate data seamlessly and securely.
Work with confidence knowing your data is secure. Viable is SOC 2 Type 2 certified and compliant with GDPR & CCPA standards. We offer automated PII redaction and our white-glove service team responds rapidly to custom data management requests.
Sync your data in minutes. We integrate directly with leading platforms like Zendesk, Intercom, or Front for customer support; Delighted for surveys; Gong for call transcripts; the app stores for product reviews; and many more. You can add data from virtually any source via Zapier and even import CSV files. Plus, our dynamic 2-way API seamlessly connects with your existing workflows.
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