The 7 Features Twitter Users Requested from Elon Musk’s Complaint Hotline

Nicole Bansal
Nicole Bansal, November 18, 2022

Last week, Elon Musk opened the “Twitter Complaint Hotline,” asking users to share their requests for Twitter 2.0. As thousands of responses quickly poured in, we wondered how he planned to sort through this qualitative data to find any real insights of value. 

After all, Musk was rumored to be laying off 50% of the company – not exactly conducive to conducting user research. And new tweets were pouring in faster than humanly possible to read, let alone make sense of all that feedback. Luckily, someone tagged us in to help Elon out. 

Our state-of-the-art AI analyzed nearly 100,000 tweets, removed a ton of noise, tagged and clustered all that qualitative data, and generated 62 key themes. And we can tell you that a big chunk of it was NOT pretty – in fact, our AI removed nearly 57,000 data points of pure noise within its sentiment analysis to ensure the end report was of high fidelity and comparable to a report that would take a Product Team weeks to put together.

Here are the six most important themes generated by our AI, along with one extra from the bottom of the pile (we promise it’s worth reading until the end). And in case you aren’t familiar with our platform, let us remind you that all of these themes, the text within them, and attached images were generated entirely by our AI, not humans.

1. Account Suspension & Reinstatement - Severe Urgency
580 responses

Our AI-generated report builds themes for any feedback with at least 10 data points to support that theme. And each theme includes a chart, summary, sub-themes, product profiles, metadata, user traits, and more. The only thing not written by our AI is the direct quotes it pulls in from the data to support its findings.

With 580 supporting data points, the leading theme amongst all of Elon’s feedback was that users are frustrated with account suspension and reinstatement procedures at Twitter. Our AI also marked this theme as Severe due to feedback’s relation to the core product offering and the inability for users to reach Twitter to fix the issue.

Our platform employs 5 levels of urgency for all themes – Mild, Medium, High, Severe, and Critical – based on the language of the feedback (e.g. swear words), churn risk (e.g. threatening to cancel), customer traits (e.g. paid customers vs. free), and more. It also digs into the user profiles to provide context on who is providing any given piece of feedback.

2. Users Want More Followers - Mild Urgency
476 responses
Unsurprisingly, the second most common request was that users would like Elon to help them amass more followers. There were several other similar themes asking the tech billionaire for money, Teslas, and Dogecoin. In spite of the high volume of these types of requests, our AI marked this, and other themes like it, with the lowest urgency since it comprehends that this feedback is not mission-critical to Twitter’s success.

3. Edit Button Requested - Severe Urgency
389 responses

Next up, users want to be able to edit their tweets – but not just any users – it was Twitter’s most prolific users (aka Heavy Tweeters) who were requesting this new feature. Our AI was able to pull this metric directly from the social media platform and use it to inform its analysis and assign a Severe urgency level, the same way a human would assess multidimensional data.

4. Users Request that Porn Accounts be Banned - Medium Urgency
248 responses

Respondents had many complaints about content moderation at Twitter but surprisingly, the content they took most issue with was pornography.

5. Users Want a Blue Check - Mild Urgency
187 responses
Twitter Blue Verification has caused Twitter’s advertisers many headaches over the last few days. If only Musk had listened to his users. Our data clearly shows that users with a high follower count want some kind of verification.

6. Users Concerned with Bots & Spam - Severe Urgency
49 responses

Given Musk’s claims that bots are plaguing Twitter and driving down the user experience, the feedback from users around this theme was surprisingly sparse. However, our AI did note that this issue is Severe and, if left unchecked, could cause customers to leave the platform.

7. Users want to go to Mars - Low Urgency
25 data points
Our AI is nothing if not thorough. With 62 different themes, there were a lot of unusual but high-volume requests like users asking to pay for Twitter with cryptocurrency, removal of various world leaders, and even requesting more cowbell. One request stood out to us though: 25 users want Elon to send them to Mars. Soon to be 26.

Elon, if you’re reading this, give us a shout. We’d be happy to share the full report with you.

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Nicole Bansal
Nicole Bansal, November 18, 2022
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