Unlocking Mobile App Insights: A Deep Dive into Albertsons User Reviews & Feedback

See how Viable's AI transformed Albertsons' app store reviews into actionable artifacts like a Strategic Action Plan, Product Requirement Doc, and Social Media Playbook to drive business success.
Nicole Bansal
Nicole Bansal, September 18, 2023

In our fast-paced digital age, consumer feedback is gold. Companies constantly seek ways to enhance user experience, rectify issues, and cater to evolving needs. Recognizing this, and in preparation of our Chief Product Officer's panel at GroceryShop 2023, we decided to delve deep into 2,000 iOS App Store and Google Play Store reviews for Albertson's grocery store app. Armed with Viable’s AI, we unearthed 52 distinct themes that offered a comprehensive picture of what users love, loathe, and long for. Here's what we found:

Compliments: The Good

The sea of reviews predominantly shimmered with positivity, especially from regular Albertsons shoppers and Android users. The consensus? Albertsons’ app is a beacon of convenience, functionality, and financial savviness.

  • Convenience & Functionality: Users are smitten with the app's intuitive design and speed. They value the ease with which they can navigate the app, making their shopping experiences seamless. The app's utility is particularly underscored by users who face challenges shopping unassisted. Their feedback signals Albertsons’ success in ensuring accessibility for all.
  • Cost-Saving Features: Who doesn't love a good deal? Albertsons' app users certainly do. They frequently highlight their appreciation for the deals and rewards accessible through the app, adding significant value to their shopping excursions.
  • Occasional Hiccups: No app is without its glitches. Some Android users did report occasional technical troubles. Yet, these occasional glitches didn’t overshadow the overall appreciation, as mirrored in the dominant high ratings and the diminished urgency in addressing such sporadic issues. Worth noting, however, is the similar praise echoed by iOS users, emphasizing the app’s consistent delivery across platforms.

Complaints: The Not-So-Good

While there was much to celebrate, not all feedback was rosy. A clear chord of dissatisfaction struck through both Android and iOS feedback regarding the app's functionality, performance, and customer service.

  • Functionality Frustrations: Users weren’t shy about their struggles. From login impediments to poor layout, they found various features of the app hindering rather than helping. Such issues didn't just result in low ratings but in some, contemplating discontinuation of the app, or even parting ways with Albertsons' physical stores.
  • Impact on Loyalty: Alarmingly, long-standing patrons weren’t immune to this dissatisfaction. Several hinted at nostalgia for the app's older versions, hinting that recent updates might have missed the mark.
  • Pressing Priorities: The urgency accompanying these feedback themes underscores their gravity. Albertsons stands at a crossroads, where addressing these concerns isn't just advisable but crucial to maintain trust and loyalty.

Requests: The Wishlist

Finally, users had specific asks. Many Android users, while acknowledging the app's merits, expressed distinct areas needing enhancement.

  • Features for the Busy: Busy parents, juggling multiple roles, felt the app came up short in supporting their fast-paced grocery shopping needs.
  • Coupon Clipping Woes: While coupons are a hit, the process isn’t. Users found the clipping feature cumbersome and sought a more streamlined experience.
  • Yearning for More Post-Update: For those who transitioned to the app's latest version, it was a mixed bag. While some elements impressed, others left users wanting more.
  • A Silver Lining: Even amid these requests, a considerable user segment expressed satisfaction, indicating a strong foundational user experience. However, the urgency attached to these feedback threads speaks volumes about the importance of heeding them.

Albertsons, like any progressive company, understands the gravity of user feedback. Through this analysis, Viable brought forth insights that are actionable, quantifiable, and critical. Our findings offer a roadmap, steering Albertsons towards perfecting an app experience that resonates, delights, and retains. But that's not all our marvelous AI can do!

Leveraging Our Cutting-Edge Feature: AskViable

The raw data from thousands of reviews can be overwhelming, and not all data holds equal weight when it comes to driving actionable results. That's where our AskViable feature shines. By catering to the diverse needs of teams, AskViable empowers users to structure their reports more effectively, aligning analysis with specific business objectives. Whether it's breaking the report by feature, persona, or even team, AskViable provides a dynamic toolset that enhances precision and clarity.

Given its multifunctional capabilities, AskViable can assist with crafting bug reports, writing PRDs, and even sculpting roadmaps. This becomes invaluable for teams looking to streamline their processes and drive their objectives with laser focus.

Case in Point: Improving Albertson's App Ratings

To demonstrate the power of AskViable, let's dive into how a Product Manager can use this tool to specifically focus on improving app ratings.

We input our need into AskViable, essentially tasking it to build a strategic action plan for improving Albertsons app store ratings. The prompt was direct and straightforward:

"Group the themes by rating segment:
- Promotors (rating 4 or 5)
- Passive (rating 3)
- Detractor (rating 2 or lower)

For the Promoter section the analysis should highlight the features that push customers to promote to product, include a prioritized list of creative ideas to double down on the things that are driving satisfaction.

For the passive section, focus on the things that we can do to convert passive customers to promoters. Include a prioritized list of the feature requests and bug fixes that could lead to flipping more passives into promoters.

For the detractor section, highlight the issues that are most likely causing churn.For each section cite the themes that support your conclusions and justify your recommendations. When citing themes use the theme name.

For each recommendation provide specific and actionable advice."

The results generated provide a comprehensive roadmap for Albertsons to drive their app development:

Promotors (rating 4 or 5):

Promoters Analysis:

Promoters herald the app's convenience, savings potential, and exceptional service delivery. These customers not only enjoy the app's features but also willingly promote it to others.

Key Features Driving Satisfaction:
  • Convenient Meal Planning and Ordering
  • Exceptional Service Delivery and Pickup Experiences
  • Money-Saving Shopping Tips and Deals
  • Ease of Navigation and Use
  • Coupon Clipping Ease
Recommendations to Amplify Satisfaction:
  1. Meal Planning Enhancement: Consider adding recipe suggestions, dietary preferences, and automatic ingredient list generation.
  2. Expand Delivery and Pickup: Cater to more locations and extended hours.
  3. Fresh Deals and Discounts: Update and introduce more cost-saving features.
  4. Navigation Refinement: Simplify and improve user interface.
  5. Coupon Clipping Streamlining: Make the process more intuitive.

Detractors (rating 2 or lower):

Detractor Analysis:

Detractors, unfortunately, encounter functionality issues, face unreliable performance, and feel let down by poor customer service.

Detractor Themes Highlighting Issues:
  • Poor Customer Service Impact
  • Frustrating App Issues
  • Poor Design and Usability
  • Store Locator Issues
  • App Loading Delays
Recommendations to Mitigate Detractor Concerns:
  1. Enhance App Functionality: Make the app more user-friendly and reliable.
  2. Boost Customer Service: Ensure prompt, efficient resolution of user complaints.
  3. Optimize App Performance: Prevent crashes, lags, and freezing.
  4. Address Specific Issues: Engage with users to understand their pain points.
  5. Regular App Updates: Stay current and rectify ongoing issues.

Passives (rating 3):

Passive Customer Analysis:

These customers are in a middle ground; they're not entirely dissatisfied, but they aren't advocates either.

Passive Themes Revealing Opportunities:
  • Accurate Prices at Checkout
  • Delivery & Pickup Flexibility
  • Poor App Design
  • Technical Glitches
  • Constant and Inconvenient App Changes
Recommendations to Convert Passives to Promoters:
  1. Automated Discount System: Ensure users benefit from sales and discounts effectively.
  2. Revamp App Design: Improve navigation and overall user experience.
  3. Resolve Technical Glitches: Attend to longstanding issues.
  4. Diversify Delivery/Pick-Up Options: Offer users more flexibility.
  5. Stabilize App Changes: Minimize disruptions and prioritize user experience.

By leveraging AskViable, Albertsons now possesses a clear action plan, segmented by user ratings and feedback, to drive improvements that matter the most to their user base. The next step would be translating these insights into actionable strategies and executing them for tangible results.

Crafting the Future: Using Viable's AI to Build a PRD for Coupon Clipper V2

As we delved deep into the user feedback, one thing became abundantly clear: the coupon clipping feature is both a blessing and a bane. A considerable chunk of users love the savings they garner through coupons. Yet, they voiced their complaints about the less-than-perfect process of applying the savings. This observation became the linchpin for our next endeavor: to perfect the Coupon Clipper feature. And here's where AskViable showcased its prowess again.

Given the significance of coupon clipping for users, we engaged AskViable to translate this particular segment of feedback into a Product Requirement Document (PRD), a document that would pave the path for our developers and designers to elevate the feature.

We fed the following prompt into AskViable, asking it to dissect the coupon-related feedback and sculpt a comprehensive PRD for our Coupon Clipper V2 project.

"Group the themes that are related to coupons into one group and name the group "Coupon Clipper V2 PRD".

For the analysis, write a Product Requirement Doc that summarizes the feedback related to using coupons in the app and then outlines the Coupon Clipper V2's project goals, tasks, and metrics to track.

Remember, you're a world class PM ;)

And, true to its caliber, AskViable delivered!

From Feedback to Action

I. Executive Summary:

The Albertsons app has received significant feedback regarding the use of coupons. Users have expressed frustration with the coupon clipping feature, the unreliability of digital coupons, and the difficulty of accessing discounts at checkout. The goal of the Coupon Clipper V2 project is to address these issues and improve the overall user experience.

II. Background:

The primary complaints from users revolve around the difficulty and unreliability of the coupon system. Users find the process of clipping coupons time-consuming and tedious. There are also issues with the app's unreliability, with clipped coupons and rewards not applying, and errors when trying to access the app. Users also report that the app's ineffective automatic discount system and the inability to use digital coupons are causing frustration and annoyance.

III. Goals:

1. Simplify the coupon clipping process to make it less time-consuming and tedious.
2. Improve the reliability of the app, ensuring that clipped coupons and rewards apply correctly.
3. Enhance the automatic discount system to ensure it functions effectively.4. Ensure digital coupons work properly and can be used easily.

IV. Tasks:

1. Conduct a thorough review of the current coupon clipping process to identify areas for improvement.
2. Work with the engineering team to address reported bugs and errors related to coupon use.
3. Collaborate with the UX/UI team to redesign the coupon clipping feature to make it more user-friendly.
4. Test the new features extensively before rolling them out to ensure reliability.

V. Metrics to Track:

1. User satisfaction: Conduct surveys and monitor app reviews to gauge user satisfaction with the new coupon system.
2. Coupon usage: Track the number of coupons clipped and redeemed to measure the effectiveness of the new system.
3. App reliability: Monitor error reports and app crashes to ensure the app's reliability has improved.
4. Retention rates: Keep an eye on user retention rates to see if the improvements lead to a decrease in user churn.

By addressing these issues, AskViable delivered a Coupon Clipper V2 project aimed to improve the overall user experience, increase customer satisfaction, and ultimately drive more usage of the Albertsons app.

Crafting a Stellar Social Media Playbook Using Direct Customer Feedback

It would be shortsighted to pigeonhole Viable as merely a tool for Product Managers or Customer Experience professionals. In the ever-evolving landscape of digital brand engagement, marketing teams equally stand to benefit. After all, understanding customer sentiment, preferences, and pain points is pivotal to crafting campaigns that resonate. Our next prompt explored how AskViable reshapes the dynamics of social media engagement, constructing a robust response playbook for marketers.

"Group the themes by their relevance to each social media prodilfe:
- Inquirers (Customers who seek information about the app, products, or services.)
- Technical troubleshooters (Users facing technical issues with the app.)
- Product seekers (Customers looking for specific products or comparable suggestions.)
- Order-related inquiries (Concerns related to order status, delivery, billing, or returns.)
- Feedback providers (Customers offering feedback, both positive and negative.)
- Loyal advocates (Customers who consistently praise and promote the brand on social platforms.)
- Dissatisfied customers (Customers who had a negative experience and might vocalize their grievances online.)
- Deal seekers (Customers primarily interested in promotions, discounts, or offers.)

You are a social media management coach with decades of experience. Craft a social media response plan for each sections that references the specific themes within your analysis.

Here is just a slice of what AskViable was able to put together for one of these customer segments.

Viable: One Tool, Many Teams

Across different departments, from product development to marketing, customer support to supply chain, Viable offers tailored insights for all. Its strength lies in its adaptability, providing actionable feedback regardless of team objectives. With Viable, everyone can find the answers they need to excel. It's not just a tool; it's your team's next edge.

Whether it's Product Managers refining user experience, Marketers sculpting campaign narratives, Customer Support addressing real-time concerns, or even Supply Chain strategists forecasting demands based on user feedback, Viable seamlessly integrates into diverse workflows. The magic lies not just in its ability to analyze, but to tailor insights to specific objectives, making it a universally relevant tool. In essence, Viable isn't just a solution; it's a unifying force, driving departments toward shared goals with unparalleled clarity and precision. So, whatever hat you wear in your organization, there's a good chance Viable holds the key to unlocking your next breakthrough.

Ready to unearth actionable insights tailored just for you? Dive in now and get your first analysis free.

Nicole Bansal
Nicole Bansal, September 18, 2023
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