Front + Viable: Changing the Customer Experience Management Landscape

Integrate Front and Viable to streamline customer operations and uncover hidden sentiments. Get real-time feedback and tailor objectives for actionable insights.
Nicole Bansal
Nicole Bansal, June 26, 2023

Understanding your customers' needs and pain points is vital, and Viable is known for helping companies delve deeper into these sentiments. But what if you could level up these capabilities with better data? Combining the power of Viable’s sentiment analysis with Front’s wide-ranging customer data can propel your customer experience management to new heights.

Streamline customer operations at scale with Front

Front is more than just a communication tool; it's a hub for all customer interactions. By blending the simplicity of email with the automation and insights of a CRM, it allows businesses to consolidate all their communication channels into one convenient location. Whether your customers prefer reaching out via email, social media, or SMS, Front has you covered. With everything in one place, responding to customer queries becomes a smoother, quicker, and more efficient process.

Moreover, Front stands out in its ability to optimize team collaboration. It allows different team members to work on the same conversations, increasing transparency and ensuring everyone stays on the same page. This feature is particularly useful in resolving complex customer queries that require cross-department collaboration. Along with in-depth analytics, these features empower businesses to continually improve their customer service.

Uncover hidden customer insights with Viable’s AI

Viable helps businesses unlock deeper insights from customer feedback through the power of generative AI. It analyzes various data sources, from surveys and emails to chats and social media, uncovering sentiments that traditional text analysis tools overlook. Its advanced natural language understanding techniques go beyond just positive and negative feelings, and also include nuances like sarcasm.

With the capacity to set custom objectives, Viable aligns its insights with your specific business goals. The integration of Viable's in-depth emotional understanding with Front's streamlined customer communications results in a powerful customer relations toolkit.

Front and Viable deliver unparalleled customer insights

Together, Front and Viable are a one-stop shop for managing all your customer communications and gaining actionable insights from them. Let’s dig into the key benefits of this integration:

Quick & painless integration

Nobody wants to spend hours setting up a new tool. The integration of Front with Viable is seamless—it’s as simple as logging into Viable, selecting Front from the integrations page, and authorizing access. With just a few clicks, you’ve unlocked a treasure trove of insights.

Deep insights delivered weekly

Once you’ve set up the integration, your customer data from Front is automatically synced. Viable’s cutting-edge AI then synthesizes this information into rich insights that reveal the heartbeat of your customer interactions. Each week, a comprehensive report showcasing these findings lands in your inbox, ensuring you remain connected to your customers’ evolving sentiments without the hassle of manual analysis.

Metadata analysis & filtering

By considering all metadata tags—like region, customer tier, and NPS score—Viable and Front bring an additional layer of context to your analysis. What's more, you can filter reports based on this metadata to dissect a specific market segment or delve into a particular aspect of your product line.

Customizable charts to track changes

Make use of our customizable charts to visualize changes over time. From sentiment trends to feedback volume, these visual aids allow you to quickly comprehend the evolving landscape of your customer interactions.

Proactive alerts

In the digital age, your customers’ preferences and pain points can change in a heartbeat. By setting up alerts in Viable for spikes in feedback volume or specific trends, you ensure you’re always ahead of the curve. These alerts help you catch emerging issues before they escalate, allowing you to address them proactively.

Tailor the analysis to your business objectives

No two businesses are identical. Viable and Front allow you to align the insights you receive with your unique goals by setting custom objectives for every report. For instance, if you’re looking to reduce churn within your enterprise customer segment, you could tailor your reports to focus on their specific feedback and concerns, helping you take targeted, impactful actions.

Front and Viable: A winning combination

Let’s say you just launched a new feature, and the feedback is pouring into Front from various channels. Normally, you’d have to manually sift through all these messages to gauge the response. But with the Viable integration, this data is automatically analyzed, and you receive real-time insights into your customers' opinions about this new feature.

With this immediate access to user sentiment, you detect a minor issue that a significant number of customers are highlighting. The speed and efficiency of this feedback loop allows you to address the problem swiftly—you quickly rally your team to resolve the issue, demonstrating to your customers that their voices are indeed heard. This rapid response not only fixes the problem at hand but also builds stronger customer trust and loyalty. The value of this agile responsiveness cannot be overstated in today's dynamic market.

In essence, the integration of Front and Viable offers you the unique advantage of managing customer communications and deriving actionable insights from them efficiently. It equips you with the tools to stay in tune with your customers, anticipate their needs, and respond proactively.

There’s no time to waste. Test our AI with your data and see how the power of cutting-edge generative AI can transform your customer experience management.

Nicole Bansal
Nicole Bansal, June 26, 2023
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