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Customer support teams are frequently asked by their colleagues to answer all kinds of questions about customers. The questions can get…
Viable Team
Viable Team, January 13, 2021

Customer support teams are frequently asked by their colleagues to answer all kinds of questions about customers. The questions can get very specific and require digging into support ticket data, sometimes hundreds or thousands of tickets across multiple support channels. It’s inefficient and slow.

Viable was designed to do the heavy lifting of customer support analysis by aggregating customer feedback from different customer support apps into one place—and then sorting, labeling, and segmenting it.

Viable does this all quickly and automatically, freeing up customer support teams to answer questions a lot faster, no matter how specific.

The best part? You can ask your questions directly in Viable and get an instant, accurate response powered by GPT-3, the most advanced language processing model developed to date.

Save time by letting AI do the busywork

Let’s say your product management counterpart wants to know what’s frustrating about the onboarding workflow for new customers. If you’re set up with Viable, you can type in a question such as:

“What’s frustrating about the onboarding workflow?”

If 80 customers have expressed frustration, confusion, or despair in some way about your product’s onboarding process, you’ll get a summary answer that draws from these tickets. It will even provide specific examples in the summary. It might look something like this:

“Customers are struggling with account set up, credential verification, and a confusing user guide. Users would like to see fewer delays between steps and single-sign on across apps. Consider providing more streamlined user documentation at each step.”

You’ll also see all 80 tickets relevant to this topic directly below the summary in the results page, instantly filtered. That saves you from having to:

  1. Search through all tickets, including those unrelated to onboarding
  2. Identify the relevant ones
  3. Tag them manually
  4. Filter them

Viable does all of this within seconds.

Get as specific as you need to without slowing down

Want to dive even further into an insight? You can learn what your customers think of specific parts of your product by adding tags. For example, in addition to onboarding, you might want to know what customers think of “account settings” or "help docs" by simply asking about it. In other words, you can conduct customer support analysis by simply asking a question. Viable's AI will know what you're asking for and helpfully provide a human-like response.

Resolve questions quickly with your cross-functional counterparts

Getting on the same page with your cross-functional counterparts is easy via the Viable Slack integration (no additional cost for Viable customers). Let’s say that your sales colleague has noticed a recent drop in revenue and she brings it up in your #revenue Slack channel. She wonders if there’s a problem with checkout. The marketer chimes in, pointing out the latest promotional campaign that should increase, not decrease, conversions at checkout.

You can ask directly in Slack: “@viable are users having trouble with checkout?” and Viable would respond (in Slack), for example, that users are reporting slow connections in the final checkout page, leading frustrated shoppers to abandon their carts. Pinpointing the problem quickly helps you get to a solution faster.

Viable saves you time because the data is analysis-ready. Even adding new tags only takes a few seconds. Diagnosing problems quickly is also just a question away. It leaves you more time to focus on better serving customers.

See how Viable aggregates helpdesk and CX data for in-depth insights accessible in seconds

If you could use richer insights or a quantified view of top customer complaints, questions, or requests by week, why not give Viable a try?

Our 30 day free trial is, well, free. You get up to 50,000 data points or 30 days worth of data at no cost. Set up is easy and fast. Our data security standards ensure personally identifiable information is kept out of our systems. What do you have to lose?

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Viable Team
Viable Team, January 13, 2021
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