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Viable Team
Viable Team, January 13, 2021

Closing deals is much easier when you know what current customers value most. Your current customers’ positive experiences are strong proof points that help prospects better understand your value proposition.

But getting applicable examples for every pitch takes a lot of time and manual effort. As a sales professional, you’d typically ask your customer support counterparts to pull relevant examples. If their bandwidth is limited, they may not get to it in time for your next prospect call.

Multiply this by dozens of unique prospect opportunities and your chances of getting the examples you need dwindle fast.

Get the proof points that already exist among customers

Viable helps you quickly pull multiple positive proof points from existing customer feedback data in a self-serve way. Tap into all feedback channels at once by asking questions such as “what features are customers most excited about?” and then tailor the question as needed:

“What features get enterprise customers excited?”
“What do healthcare users like most about our flagship product?”
“Which customers like our compliance solutions most?”
“What delights IT directors who use our product?”
“What do retail customers like about our a la carte offerings?”

Viable will search all customer feedback and provide a summarized answer. Instantly. No manual effort required from customer support or anyone else.
You can also filter existing feedback by customer sentiment or emotion. Consider this customer feedback example:

“I’m excited about the new accounting feature because it helps me power through my daily tasks much faster!”

Viable would tag this piece of feedback as positive (sentiment) and demonstrating excitement (emotion). You can zero in on what’s working best for customers and back up your pitch with quantifiable data.

Prepare for customer conversations with the latest feedback

For customer success managers, Viable can help you prepare for an upcoming conversation. You can brush up on the latest from a specific customer ahead of a call.

Let’s say you’re about to present the next version of your bookmarks feature to Acme Inc, one of your customers. Before the meeting, you ask in Viable: “how can we make bookmarks better for Acme Inc?” The answer summarizes their concerns, which you know the upcoming version of bookmarks will address; but you share the answer with your product management colleague to brainstorm objection handlers for elements that won’t be addressed in this release.

Insights from aggregated and pre-sorted customer feedback can help you tailor conversations with prospects and current customers. And it’s right at your fingertips.

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Viable Team
Viable Team, January 13, 2021
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