Shorten feedback loops with immediate insights from customer feedback

Viable Team
Viable Team, May 26, 2021

Customer-centric companies want to shorten feedback loops as product release cycles get shorter and shorter. How can businesses get insights from qualitative customer feedback to inform product development cycles?

Product releases are shipping in faster, shorter cycles

As software-as-a-service and direct-to-consumer business models have emerged and evolved, barriers to entry across many categories are far fewer than before. Product development and iteration is happening in shorter, faster cycles.

Immediate feedback from customers is table stakes to meet both existing needs better and new opportunities faster.

According to Corinne Riley from Greylock Partners, “Every team needs to be able to learn about the customer every step of the way, collect engagement data from them, and most importantly make that data usable on a cross-functional basis.”

Yet customer feedback collected from surveys, call transcripts, or feedback forms via third party apps are often left in silos. Helpdesk tickets are tagged and stored but analysis is often surface-level at best.

Researchers or analysts familiar with more technical analysis tools must translate findings into digestible reports before sharing them with business teams—a process that can take days or weeks.

As a result, qualitative customer feedback analysis has been a siloed, manual, and slow process. User researchers, product managers, customer support teams, or marketers who need answers to their questions right away must wait days or weeks.

Under pressure to continuously release product updates, companies end up using feedback in a haphazard manner or fail altogether to inform the product roadmap in a data-driven way.

Shorten feedback loops with immediate insights from customer feedback

To influence shorter product cycles, the process of analyzing customer feedback needs to be faster and easier for business teams than it has historically been.

Thankfully, rich customer feedback is available from a variety of sources, many of which are continuous and real time.

While structured, formal user research studies aren’t typically conducted more than once or twice a year, net promoter score surveys and in-app feedback are collected more regularly. Helpdesk tickets and product reviews are generated daily. Social media engagements are an additional source of frequent feedback that can help identify problems in real time.

Combined, all these data sources can paint a high fidelity picture of the customer experience. Connecting and aggregating different data sources should not be the bottleneck to getting faster customer insights.

Viable structures customer feedback at scale for speed

Viable was designed specifically to speed up the process of getting insights from customer feedback.

Companies can easily connect their different data sources to Viable via dozens of common tool integrations. Viable automatically tags each piece of feedback with topics identified by an advanced artificial intelligence model, and then assigns it both a sentiment and an emotion.

The most frequently mentioned topics are surfaced to the top automatically in easy-to-read graphs. You get a weekly summary of top issues mentioned by customers so you can spot patterns across time.

Set up is simple and fast
Connect your commonly used customer feedback tools to Viable in just minutes. Tools such as Zendesk, Delighted, Front, Intercom, and dozens of survey, user research, product review, and CRM systems via Zapier. Viable will ingest and tag data automatically on a real-time, ongoing basis.

Automation that eliminates busywork
Viable does the heavy lifting of structuring qualitative data so it can be queried like any other data. You no longer have to manually sort, tag, and interpret customer feedback. All you have to do is ask your questions to get an immediate answer.

Aggregated view of all our customer feedback
Customer feedback lives across various support tools. Viable brings them all together so you can find insights that draw from all your data in one place. But you also have the flexibility of analyzing data by source with data source filters.

Useful responses in human language
Get insights by simply asking questions the way you would ask a colleague, and get a response in human language that you can immediately use. Questions such as “what frustrates customers the most?” or “how do users feel about feature xyz?” The GPT-3 language model interprets language more accurately than any other model before it. No need to structure your queries to fit a limited model.

Ready to get rich insights from your existing data in minutes?

Save hours of qualitative analysis and skip straight to insights you can test, iterate on, and use in your growth plans. Try Viable for free.

The 30-day trial gives you full access, with unlimited questions and answers, unlimited seats, and unlimited integrations. Upload up to 50,000 data points or 30 days worth of data at no cost.

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Viable Team
Viable Team, May 26, 2021
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