On demand webinar: the customer research most likely to grow your business

Viable Team
Viable Team, October 14, 2021

Is learning what your customers think always worth the investment?

Surprisingly, not everyone's convinced.

For decades, companies have relied on score-based metrics (NPS, CSAT, CES) or usability testing to understand customers. But are these methods enough to inform product and customer initiatives?

Watch our on-demand webinar on this topic.

Learn from leading UX researchers about what’s worked, what hasn’t, and what practical alternatives can provide deeper customer insights to effectively drive growth.


  • Cindy Alvarez, Director of Customer Research, GitHub; Lean Customer Development author
  • Celeste Ridlen, Head of Research, Hosting, Airbnb
  • Vanessa Van Schyndel, User Experience Researcher, Figma
  • Grace Vorreuter, Staff User Researcher, GitHub

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Viable Team
Viable Team, October 14, 2021
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