What do reviews say about top retail apps?

We analyzed App Store and Play Store app reviews from 10 leading retailers.
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The Viable Retail
App Reviews Report

An analysis of user reviews across 10 top retail shopping apps.

Instant, accurate, data-backed— Qualitative insights for every team.

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Make decisions faster with analysis that needs no pivot tables or SQL.

You shouldn’t be slowed down by SQL queries to get insights from customer feedback. Skip the pivot tables and make faster, data-backed decisions. With Viable, just sync your data and we take care of the hard part.
no pivot tables or sql
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Get the full context (not just keywords) to make decisions.

To make critical product or customer decisions, you need as much context as you can get. A simple list of topics or keywords isn’t enough. Get better informed with readable summaries and recommendations that bring your customers’ words to life.
Get your whole team fluent in user insights with a simple user interface.
Every cross functional team member should have access to the same customer insights data. With feedback structured, analyzed, and available in one place, your entire team can get on the same page without navigating multiple, technical systems. One simple UI for all.
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Make your already-smart AI that much smarter every day.
Each data point Viable analyzes helps make the AI more useful for you and your use case, regardless of industry, function, or business model. We’ve processed 3.2 million data points to date and we plan to add many, many more.
Ready to see how much more informed you can be with qualitative insights?
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