How to Analyze App Store Reviews Automatically

Get actionable insights from Apple iOS and Google Play app store reviews automatically with Viable's AI-powered analysis platform.
Nicole Bansal
Nicole Bansal, July 17, 2023

In today's mobile-first world, app reviews are a cornerstone in the customer feedback ecosystem. Feedback from sources like the Apple iOS App Store and Google Play Store offer invaluable insights into what your customers think, how they feel, and how they interact with your app. However, when faced with thousands of reviews, analyzing this feedback manually can be daunting, time-consuming, and fraught with human error.

Enter Viable, an AI-powered analysis tool designed to transform overwhelming amounts of feedback data into actionable insights.

Peloton's app review analysis by Viable

The untapped potential of app store reviews

App store reviews provide a unique opportunity to gauge customer sentiment. These reviews aren’t limited to the usability or technical performance of your app—they also encompass feedback about the services and products your company offers, making them an incredibly valuable resource for customer experience management. They often reveal previously unknown customer pain points, highlight favorite features, and provide suggestions for improvement. They’re also spontaneous and honest, providing both positive comments, constructive criticism, and a comprehensive overview of customer sentiment​.

Despite their value, the process of manually sifting through and making sense of app store reviews can be daunting. With traditional tools, this involves exporting data, tagging it manually, and identifying actionable themes for follow-up. This method is resource-intensive and makes it challenging to get a clear overview of the feedback due to the sheer volume of data​.

Viable: Revolutionizing app store review analysis

Viable brings a transformative approach to analyzing app store reviews. With our cutting-edge platform, teams simply sync their app store review data, and the AI takes over. It automatically categorizes customer feedback into themes, each associated with urgency levels, percentages, and supporting data points. This happens without any manual work or tagging, freeing up teams to focus on interpreting the insights and developing strategic responses​​.

Viable's AI doesn’t just list topics or keywords. It provides readable summaries and recommendations that bring the voice of the customer to life, offering the full context necessary for informed decision-making. With feedback structured, analyzed, and available in one place, your entire team can stay on the same page, eliminating the need to navigate multiple systems. This unified approach allows for faster, more effective decision-making and improved cross-team collaboration​.

Plus, our AI takes app store review analysis to the next level by helping teams understand not just what customers are saying, but how they're saying it. Sarcasm and slang are part of everyday language, but they can be tricky for traditional text analysis tools to catch. By deciphering these subtleties, our platform ensures that the genuine sentiments of customers are accurately captured, even when couched in irony or informal language.

Moreover, Viable's AI is designed to become smarter with each data point it analyzes. This continuous learning process makes the AI more valuable for your specific use case over time, regardless of your industry, function, or business model. The more data it processes, the more insightful and precise its output becomes​.

Viable’s approach to extracting useful insights from app reviews

The integration of Viable with the Apple App Store and Google Play Store makes app review analysis a breeze. Here's a breakdown of how it works:

Deep insights automatically delivered

Viable’s AI identifies the most frequently mentioned issues and brings trends in user sentiment to the forefront. What's more, all this information is delivered directly to your inbox on a weekly basis, making it easy for you to stay informed about what matters most to your customers.

Understanding sentiment at scale

Viable goes beyond merely counting positive and negative reviews. It's built to detect even the subtlest shifts in sentiment, making it possible for you to understand how feelings about your app change over time. This granular view of sentiment, along with the larger trends, offers a clear perspective on how users are responding to your app, providing your development team with data-driven insights to make improvements.

Identify key themes

To help you make sense of your feedback quickly, Viable groups related reviews together, identifying key themes that run through your feedback. This allows you to easily understand the common points of praise or criticism for your app, giving you a clear direction on where to focus your attention.

Comprehensive, easy-to-understand reporting

The reports generated by Viable provide a comprehensive snapshot of your reviews, neatly summarizing the critical insights. Presented in plain English and an easy-to-understand format, these reports allow everyone, from developers to product managers, to quickly grasp the takeaways and implications.

Inform your app development strategy

Your app isn't static—it's an ever-evolving entity designed to meet your customers' needs and wants. Your app reviews, and the insights derived from them, can guide your development strategy. They can inform you about the new features to prioritize, bugs to fix, and overall improvements to make. By using Viable to extract insights from your app reviews, you can more efficiently direct your efforts and resources, driving better results and enhancing user satisfaction.

Harnessing the power of Viable and app reviews

The integration of Viable with the Apple App Store and Google Play Store offers a novel and efficient approach to understanding customer feedback at scale. By leveraging Viable's AI capabilities, businesses can dive deep into their app reviews, pinpointing areas for improvement, identifying trending sentiments, and enhancing the overall user experience.

With Viable, you have a powerful tool in your corner that can help you navigate the complex landscape of customer feedback. And the best part? You can try Viable for free and see how it can revolutionize your app review analysis. Get started today and elevate your app to new levels of customer satisfaction and success.

Nicole Bansal
Nicole Bansal, July 17, 2023
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