Gladly + Viable: People-Centered Customer Experience Management

Discover the power of Gladly + Viable in redefining customer experience management. Understand your customers on a deeper level with AI-powered insights.
Nicole Bansal
Nicole Bansal, July 11, 2023

Your customers aren't just numbers on a screen or tickets in a queue. They're real people, with real stories, feelings, and needs. Yet traditional customer service platforms still treat customers as problems to be solved rather than as humans to be understood and appreciated.

Gladly is a new kind of customer service platform that places people—not tickets—at the heart of every interaction. But what if we enhanced this human-centric approach with artificial intelligence to gain deeper insights into customer sentiment? Together, Gladly and Viable form an unbeatable partnership that's set to redefine customer experience management.

Introducing Gladly: People-centered customer service

Gladly is a radically personal customer service platform. Unlike legacy customer service solutions that are case or ticket based, Gladly is designed with people at the center. A lifelong conversation history enables agents to pick up where they left off, fostering genuine customer relationships that feel more like a conversation and less like a transaction.

Whether it’s email, chat, text, social media, or a phone call, customers these days have a range of ways they want to communicate. Gladly brings all of these channels together seamlessly so you can meet your customers wherever they are, without missing a beat. It's about delivering a unified, personal, and positive experience to each customer.

Viable: Your AI-powered customer feedback analyst

Viable is your shortcut to customer insights. As a customer feedback analysis tool powered by artificial intelligence, Viable helps you understand what your customers are saying at scale. We take your customer feedback from all different sources—support tickets, reviews, survey responses, and more—and automatically analyze it for you.

By using a form of artificial intelligence called generative AI, Viable identifies the most relevant themes and sentiments from your customer feedback. It even answers questions about your customer feedback data in plain English. This allows you to understand your customers’ needs and wants better, enabling you to make more informed decisions.

When Gladly meets Viable: A powerful partnership

With the integration between Viable and Gladly, you unlock rich insights from your customer data, combining seamless customer service with in-depth insights for a truly powerful solution.

Using AI for customer-centric strategy development

With Gladly’s intuitive customer service platform, your customer interactions become more than just support tickets—they’re opportunities to learn, understand, and enhance the customer experience. When this data is integrated with Viable's analysis powered by GPT-4, the system automatically pulls out rich insights and trends from your customers' feedback. Our AI doesn't just skim the surface; it dives deep into the data, discovering patterns, picking up on emerging trends, and interpreting sentiments.

These insights offer a robust foundation for a more customer-focused strategy, reducing churn and encouraging loyalty. Every week, you'll receive a detailed report in your inbox, focusing on the most important and actionable information you need to know.

Data transparency and decision-making

Transparency in data is key to making informed, impactful decisions. With Gladly and Viable working together, you gain both transparency and a deeper understanding of your customer data.

Viable’s analysis takes metadata, such as region, customer tier, NPS score, and so forth, into account. This enhances your analysis, providing a more detailed view into specific market segments or product lines. The result is precise, data-backed insights that empower you to make decisions that can improve customer engagement and increase overall business performance.

Charting the course with customizable visuals

Our partnership with Gladly also brings in a new and improved way to visualize changes in customer sentiment over time. With our customizable charts, you can track changes, understand trends, and get a better sense of how sentiments evolve.

The ability to customize these charts lets you focus on the aspects that matter the most to your business, providing a clear visual representation of your customer feedback.

Stay agile with proactive alerts

In today's fast-paced world, staying one step ahead of emerging issues can mean the difference between a happy customer and a lost opportunity. That's why our integration with Gladly also offers proactive alerts.

These alerts notify you about any sudden shifts in your customer feedback, whether it’s a spike in volume or a newly-trending topic. With this feature, you can act on emerging issues promptly, preventing them from turning into bigger problems down the line.

Step into the new era of customer experience management with Gladly and Viable 

Customers today value human conversations with brands, no matter what channel they’re using. If they receive bad service, you risk losing them for life. By combining Gladly's people-centered customer service platform with Viable's AI-powered feedback analysis, you can understand your customers like never before and foster life-long loyalty.

It's not just about understanding what your customers are saying—it's about knowing them on a personal level, predicting their needs, and exceeding their expectations. Get your first analysis free and transform your customer experience with the combined power of Gladly and Viable.

Nicole Bansal
Nicole Bansal, July 11, 2023
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