How we handle customer feedback data

How we handle customer feedback data

At Viable, we save you time and effort by automating the manual and time-consuming tasks of tagging and structuring qualitative customer feedback for analysis.

We do this by connecting to popular data sources such as helpdesk platforms, survey tools, product review apps, and spreadsheets.

Synching your favorite tools with Viable is easy: in just a few minutes and a couple of clicks, we import customer feedback from your tools and our powerful AI structures it for easy qualitative analysis.

How we import and use the data

Specifically, we:

  • Connect with data sources where your customer feedback is stored (such as Zendesk)
  • Import your customer feedback data after you’ve provided authorization per app
  • Identify topics, sentiment, and emotions using the most advanced language model available
  • Tag each piece of feedback with topic, sentiment, and emotion
  • Display the tagged data in Viable for you to easily analyze

How we handle sensitive information

We don’t import personally identifiable information (PII) for our qualitative analysis work. Any such information found in your data is automatically excluded prior to import.

We do display a unique identifier per piece of feedback (such as an email) only if such data is available (for example, from your helpdesk tools) so you know which customers to further support.

Your data is handled with care in Viable. It is never shared with anyone externally and is only used for the purposes of enriching it with topics, sentiment, and emotions so you can get automated qualitative analysis to improve your products and serve your customers better.

How we handle customer feedback data
Viable Team, June 22, 2021
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