What are feedback reports?

Viable generates automated analysis reports of your customer feedback. The reports give you an understanding of what your customers are telling you across all your feedback in an automated way.

Gone are the days of manually reading through and tagging every helpdesk ticket, survey response, call transcript, app review, or tweet. With every piece of feedback from customers analyzed, you have in your hands a powerful overview of all your feedback, backed by your own data.

How are feedback reports generated?

When you sync your data to Viable, our system of AI models organizes the feedback data, identifies themes by clusters of data points, analyzes them, and automatically writes an analysis for each theme in report format. The result you get is a comprehensive, accessible analysis that anyone in your company can understand. No need to perform SQL queries or other technical tasks.

The primary report available is a feedback analysis of customer complaints, compliments, requests, and questions from your customers. Viable sends this report to you via email on a weekly basis (if there’s enough data week to week) and posts the report in the Reports section.

From the navigation drop down, you can select which section to jump to:

For example, selecting Requests will take you to the complaints section of the report.

View the data that makes up each theme

You can view the detail behind each theme by clicking on the link to the number of pieces of feedback located in the top right corner of each theme section. You’ll be taken to the view of every piece of feedback that makes up that theme.

In the example below, you’d click where it says 93 Complaints.

Viable Team, February 04, 2022
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