Appbot Zap For Viable

Appbot Zap For Viable

You can instantly analyze user reviews posted via Appbot by sending those reviews to Viable through Zapier.

Use our Appbot Zapier template. Or, in Zapier, click Make a Zap and follow the steps below.

Setting up the Trigger

Choose Appbot as the trigger >> app event

Then choose New Review as the trigger event

Click Continue and then click to sign in to your Appbot account

Under Set up trigger, select the appropriate value

  • Test your trigger

Setting up the Action

  • Select Viable as the Action app
  • Then select Ingest Datapoint as the Action Event

Continue to sign into Viable. You’ll need your Viable API key (in Viable it’s in Admin >> Integrations tab).

Under Set up action:

  • For Text, choose Body
  • For Created at, choose Published Date
  • For End user email, choose Author
  • Click Continue
  • Test the action

Then you’re ready to turn on the Zap.

Appbot Zap For Viable
Viable Team, September 30, 2021
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