Analyze data points across dimensions using filters

To the right of the main menu, there’s a list of filters: Sources, Topics, Feedback, and Customer.

You can apply one or multiple filters at a time.

Filter by data source

The first filter, Sources, lets you select which data sources to view, e.g. Zendesk, Intercom, Delighted, Front, API, etc. These filters allow you to view only the customer feedback data points that came from each source. You can select one or multiple sources.

Filter by topic, sentiment, or emotion

Below the source filter and app filters, there's topic and feedback filters. Under topic, you can select which feedback to analyze based on topics (or tags). This is standard for all Viable accounts.

Under Feedback you'll find filters for: sentiment and emotion. These are standard for all Viable accounts.

Sentiment refers to a customer feedback data point that was either negative, positive, or neutral.

Emotion works similarly to Sentiment: filter by one of seven emotions to get a snapshot of how your customers feel:


Topics are tags or labels that our AI model has assigned to a customer feedback data point. As an example, consider the following:

I find the boards feature to be extremely helpful in organizing my time throughout my day. It saves me time and makes daily tasks much more manageable.

Our AI model might assign the following tags to this piece of feedback: boards, organization, time-saving, daily tasks.

Bringing it all together: the Viable AI would likely assign this customer feedback data point a positive sentiment and the delighted emotion.

Filter by custom product traits such as product lines

Within the Feedback section you'll also find additional custom filters if they are part of your data. You can think of these as metadata. They're just traits that are part of your data. For example, product lines would be selected under a product filter in this section.

Filter by customer traits

Customer traits such as job title, company size, etc would be found under the Customer filter category. These are custom, depending on the segmentation fields from your integrated customer feedback apps or CSV files.

For example, to analyze customer feedback data points by job title, select the job title filter. To analyze customer feedback data points by company size, select the company size filter. Etc.

Viable Team, December 02, 2020
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