Kustomer + Viable: Your Go-To Customer Insights Toolkit

Consolidate interactions, gain a holistic view of the customer journey, and unlock hidden insights with Kustomer and Viable.
Nicole Bansal
Nicole Bansal, June 28, 2023

When it comes to customer service, every interaction matters. From quick questions about product features to deep-dive discussions on resolving complex issues, each touchpoint contains a wealth of data that can be leveraged to improve future interactions.

But mining this data can be a pain, and many valuable insights are hidden beneath the surface. To streamline their collection and interpretation of this data, businesses are increasingly turning to the combined power of Kustomer and Viable.

Leverage Kustomer for enhanced customer service

Kustomer stands out as a prominent player in the world of customer service platforms. It's not just another ticketing system; it's an all-in-one solution that consolidates all customer interactions into a single timeline. Whether it's via email, chat, phone, or social media, Kustomer offers businesses a seamless way to track, manage, and respond to customer queries.

The platform can automate tedious, repetitive tasks, freeing up your team to focus on what truly matters: nurturing customer relationships. Kustomer's ability to provide a holistic view of the customer journey is unparalleled, allowing you to deliver personalized and effective customer service like never before.

Harness the power of generative AI with Viable

While Kustomer excels at managing and organizing customer interactions, Viable elevates this data by unlocking hidden insights. Viable is a customer feedback analysis tool that uses generative AI to understand, analyze, and report on the sentiments within your customer data.

Viable scans all your customer interactions—emails, chats, surveys, social media conversations—and identifies trending themes and sentiments, including subtleties like sarcasm. Whether it's an emerging frustration or widespread satisfaction with a new feature, Viable helps you keep your ear to the ground.

The best part? Viable does all of this heavy lifting without requiring you to pore over spreadsheets or write code. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive features mean you can focus on leveraging insights, not on wrestling with data.

Make the most of your qualitative data with Kustomer and Viable

Bringing Kustomer and Viable together is easy. Just log into Viable, select Kustomer from the integrations page, and authorize access. Within moments, your Kustomer data starts flowing into Viable and is ready to be analyzed by the generative AI. This integration goes beyond a one-time setup; it's the start of continuous improvements to your customer experience.

Weekly insights delivered right to your inbox

Once connected, Viable regularly syncs with your Kustomer data. As touchpoints occur, Viable updates its analysis, keeping you up to date on your customers’ sentiments. These up-to-the-minute, rich insights are then packaged into a weekly report delivered straight to your inbox, offering you a comprehensive summary of emergent themes and keeping you in tune with your customers' evolving sentiments.

Gain an added layer of context with metadata

Viable examines and filters metadata tags from your Kustomer data, such as prompts, demographics, and CSAT score. This adds another dimension to your analysis, enabling a more granular look into support tickets or how customers in a specific location are feeling.

Visualize changes over time

Visualize your customers' sentiment over time with customizable charts. These charts, such as Viable’s Trends view, provide a clear depiction of changes within your customer feedback, simplifying complex data into easy-to-understand visuals.

Act quickly with proactive alerts

To ensure you're always a step ahead, Viable offers proactive alerts for any sudden shifts in your customer feedback. If a spike in volume or newly-trending topic catches you off guard, Viable's alerts allow you to take immediate action before they snowball into significant problems, ensuring your team is always on top of any potential customer pain points.

Customized analysis aligned with your goals

Every business is unique, and Viable allows you to set custom objectives for each integration or report. Whether you're aiming to better understand a market segment or assess the efficacy of a new product feature, setting custom objectives ensures the insights you receive are not just insightful but contextually relevant and actionable.

Kustomer + Viable: The perfect toolkit for customer insights

Together, Kustomer and Viable deliver unparalleled insights into how your customers are feeling. With Kustomer’s comprehensive approach to managing customer interactions and Viable’s AI-powered feedback analysis, you have a powerful combination at your fingertips. This synergy allows you not just to respond to customer feedback, but to understand it, learn from it, and use it to proactively enhance your customer service.

Don't wait—try a demo and experience the power of Kustomer and Viable today.

Nicole Bansal
Nicole Bansal, June 28, 2023
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