Trends view

Trends view

Analyze trends in your customer feedback

The Trends view displays top topics trending by week across all your customer feedback data.

Topics are themes identified by the AI that powers Viable after it has sorted through the ingested customer feedback data and tagged each with a topic label.

Topics can be for features, capabilities, user flows, or benefits. For example, consider the following customer feedback data point:

I find the calendar feature to be extremely easy to use. It saves me time and I especially like the ability to directly add video conferencing like Google Hangouts.

Our AI model might assign the following topics to this piece of feedback: calendar, time-saving, Google Hangouts.

The default view will show a line chart of Top Topics trending by week.

Below Top Topics are other views of trending topics by dimension: positive or negative sentiment, feature requests, frustrating, delightful, confusing, disappointing, or worrying.

Hover over the data points and you’ll get a count of topic mentions across customer feedback data for that week.

Trends view
Viable Team, February 18, 2021
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