Zendesk + Viable: Streamlining Customer Support with Advanced Text Analysis

See how the integration between Viable and Zendesk provides a comprehensive solution that improves reduces support ticket volumes, improves customer satisfaction, and minimizes churn.
Nicole Bansal
Nicole Bansal, May 23, 2023

Customer support and feedback analysis are two sides of the same coin. Both provide invaluable insights into the customer experience, but too often, they operate in separate siloes. The integration between Viable and Zendesk changes that, providing an end-to-end solution that seamlessly blends support ticketing and feedback analysis.

Understanding Zendesk: A customer support powerhouse

Zendesk is a market leader in customer service software, known for its innovative approach to managing and streamlining customer support operations. It boasts an array of features that include a comprehensive ticketing system, sophisticated tools for tracking customer interactions, and powerful capabilities for automating various aspects of customer service.

At the heart of Zendesk's appeal is its ability to consolidate all customer service interactions, providing a centralized hub from which support agents can manage and resolve customer issues efficiently. This consolidation not only improves the efficiency of customer support teams but also provides a more consistent and cohesive customer experience.

Viable: Bringing a new dimension to customer feedback analysis

While Zendesk is a powerhouse for managing customer interactions, it's often challenging to derive meaningful insights from the wealth of data it collects without a lot of resources. That's where Viable comes in.

Viable is an advanced text analysis software powered by artificial intelligence. It's specifically designed to dissect and understand unstructured data by automatically categorizing and tagging customer feedback, removing noise, analyzing for churn risk, highlighting key themes, and uncovering sentiments that can inform strategic decision-making across various business areas.

When Viable integrates with Zendesk, it can delve deep into the content of your support tickets, providing a more profound understanding of your customers' pain points, needs, and overall sentiment. This simple two-click integration allows businesses to extend the power of Zendesk beyond support management to insightful customer understanding.

Viable and Zendesk: A seamless integration

The integration process between Viable and Zendesk is designed to be straightforward and user-friendly. To get started, you’ll require active accounts for both Viable and Zendesk. Once you've linked the two platforms, your Zendesk support tickets will seamlessly flow into Viable, becoming instantly available for analysis.

Once your support tickets are in Viable, the AI-powered analysis comes to life. Viable automatically categorizes and tags your Zendesk tickets, identifying key themes and sentiments. Whether it's pinpointing frequent product complaints or spotting emerging trends in customer feedback, Viable offers a streamlined way to make sense of your Zendesk data.

The integration isn't a one-way street, though—the insights derived from Viable can also be used to enhance your customer support strategies within Zendesk. For instance, if Viable surfaces a recurring issue that's causing negative feedback, you can leverage this information to create a new ticket category or set up a specific trigger in Zendesk.

Some other benefits that the Viable-Zendesk integration brings to businesses include:

  1. A comprehensive view of customer feedback: With Zendesk support tickets flowing into Viable, you have a consolidated view of your customer feedback. The feedback data is continuously synced, and you automatically receive weekly reports. This unified perspective can facilitate more informed decision-making and lead to significant improvements in customer service.
  2. Streamlined processes & improved service: Viable's capabilities for automatic categorization and tagging save you the time and resources that would typically be spent manually analyzing support tickets. This improved efficiency can be redirected to other crucial customer experience initiatives so you can better address customer needs, resolve issues more efficiently, and serve your customers better.
  3. Actionable insights without any manual analysis: Viable doesn't just process your Zendesk tickets—it brings to light key insights that are often hidden within your customer feedback. These insights can help you address recurring issues, identify potential product enhancements, and understand the factors driving customer sentiment. You can also set custom objectives for each report—for example, if you’re looking to reduce support ticket volume for customers in the APAC market.
  4. Reduced churn: Every single theme identified by Viable's AI is assigned an urgency level on a 5-point scale to help yo understand the threat this particular feedback poses to your business. Stop simply sorting your feedback by volume, and start understanding which complaints are the most common drivers of customer churn so you can prioritize your roadmpa accordingly.

Elevating the customer experience with Viable and Zendesk

In an era where customer experience can make or break a business, leveraging the right tools to understand and address customer needs is paramount. With its robust customer support capabilities, Zendesk offers a solid foundation for managing customer interactions.

Viable enhances Zendesk's capabilities, providing a means to dissect and understand the wealth of feedback within customer interactions. This integration creates a comprehensive solution that both manages customer support and uncovers meaningful, actionable insights from customer feedback.

By uniting Zendesk's powerful support ticketing with Viable's intuitive feedback analysis, businesses gain a deeper understanding of their customers, helping to inform strategic decision-making. This integration isn't merely about bringing together the best of both worlds—it's about pioneering a new approach where customer support and feedback analysis work in synergy, fostering a more positive, impactful customer experience.

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Nicole Bansal
Nicole Bansal, May 23, 2023
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