Case Study: Enhancing Bitvavo’s Customer Experience through AI-Powered Multilingual Product Insights

Maximized efficiency
by streamlining feedback processing
3 languages analyzed
English, Dutch, German
Targeted product improvements
with deeper customer insights

Bitvavo, an Amsterdam-based cryptocurrency exchange, is reshaping the European crypto landscape. With a strong presence in the Netherlands and Belgium, and expanding into Germany, France, and Italy, Bitvavo's mission is to help people explore the world of crypto by becoming the most trusted digital asset platform. In an industry where swift and accurate customer support can be a game changer, Bitvavo's dedication to providing fast, reliable service in multiple languages sets it apart.

Kevin Stam, the Head of Support & Onboarding, oversees an extensive team of over 40 professionals dedicated to seamless customer onboarding and support. His mission is straightforward yet challenging: to onboard customers as quickly as possible, ideally within five minutes, while ensuring that thousands of customer interactions each week translate into valuable product insights.

The Challenge: Translating Thousands of Multilingual Customer Support Tickets into Actionable Insights

Bitvavo’s Customer Support team faced a unique challenge: acting as pioneers of customer-centricity by translating feedback across multiple languages (Dutch, English and German) into actionable insights for the Product team. But the rich insights their support agents amassed from thousands of customer interactions every week—crucial for product enhancement and customer satisfaction—weren't systematically reaching the Product Managers and UX Designers equipped to enact necessary changes.

The support team’s commitment to truly understanding and valuing each customer's voice has always been paramount, showcased by their original approach to customer feedback with a meticulous manual tagging system designed to distill the essence of customer interactions into actionable insights. This labor-intensive process showcased Bitvavo's willingness to go to extraordinary lengths to capture the nuanced needs of their customers, directly benefiting cross-functional teams by bringing them closer to the customer's perspective. 

However, despite the team's commendable effort to juggle organizing, sharing, and responding to thousands of support interactions every single week, this painstaking task was inherently unscalable and subject to the variability of human interpretation. Added to this was the complexity of multilingual feedback, lost in translation due to the language barrier faced by non-Dutch speaking Product Managers. Bitvavo's passion for customer-centricity was clear, but the method needed refinement to sustain their growing ambitions and the scalability required for their expanding market presence.

It was simply not feasible for support agents, whose expertise lies in customer communication rather than data interpretation, to translate nuanced customer feedback into actionable product improvements. Secondly, the traditional model meant that agents would attempt to bridge this gap without a clear, structured feedback loop, leading to a diluted and sometimes misinterpreted version of the customer’s voice.

The lack of a systematic process for conveying customer pain points meant that product issues and opportunities for improvement could go unrecognized or unaddressed, impeding Bitvavo's mission to refine the user experience continually. The company sought a way to harness the wealth of qualitative data flowing through their support channels and translate it into objective action points for their PM and UX teams, thereby closing the loop between customer feedback and product evolution.

The Solution: Viable’s Generative Analysis Platform – An Automated Lens on Customer Sentiment

The solution to Bitvavo's challenge was found in Viable's Generative Analysis Platform. This innovative tool offered more than just a new way to interpret customer feedback; it provided an unbiased, comprehensive, and data-backed understanding of customer sentiments—free from the limitations of human memory and personal bias.

Integrating Viable's AI-driven system streamlined this approach by analyzing customer interactions in multiple languages (English, Dutch, and German) from Zendesk, NPS surveys, TrustPilot, and reviews from both Google Play & iOS App stores and distilling them into clear, actionable insights directly accessible to PMs and UX designers. This meant that instead of support agents trying to relay customer needs, the relevant teams could delve into a centralized pool of analyzed data. With the AI highlighting specific issues—like the nuances of wallet verification queries—Bitvavo's teams could quickly identify common problems and devise targeted solutions.

One of the themes from Bitvavo's weekly analysis.

The platform's multilingual capabilities proved particularly beneficial, allowing for a cohesive analysis across Bitvavo’s international customer base. The resulting insights were not just surface-level metrics but deep, qualitative data that could be directly leveraged to enhance the product and customer experience. The once siloed information was now commonly accessible knowledge for cross-departmental strategy and innovation, propelling Bitvavo toward a future where every team member could access customer insights at scale, without the need for intermediaries.

Impressive Results & Future Plans:

Kevin Stam notes that the insights provided by Viable are "spot-on" with themes that directly align with customer struggles, such as asset delisting and withdrawals. Viable's role has been pivotal in breaking down silos between product development and customer support, providing a central, accessible hub of customer feedback that empowers the entire company.

"It's remarkable to see how Viable captures the voice of our customers across languages and channels, turning it into a symphony of actionable insights. This is not just about understanding our customers better — it's about building a culture where every team member is attuned to and can act on customer needs in real-time. That's the game-changer Viable brought to us."

Kevin envisions a future where everyone at Bitvavo uses "Ask Viable" to directly query customer sentiment, bypassing intermediaries, with questions like “How can we improve our app store rating?”. This approach will streamline the feedback loop, further eliminating dependency on support teams to translate customer needs, and foster a truly customer-centric culture.

Bitvavo’s journey with Viable’s AI analysis showcases the transformative power of  integrating advanced AI analysis in understanding customer feedback in a multi-language context. By leveraging deep, nuanced insights, Bitvavo isn't just keeping pace with customer expectations; it's setting new standards in the crypto exchange industry.

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