Intercom + Viable: Unleashing the Power of AI in Customer Service

See how Intercom, a leading customer messaging platform, combined with Viable's AI-powered text analysis tool, revolutionizes customer support.
Nicole Bansal
Nicole Bansal, June 02, 2023

No matter what industry you’re in, it’s hard to overstate the importance of customer support. It's the front line of customer interaction—the place where businesses can make a real, tangible difference in their customer relationships.

When it comes to customer messaging platforms, few do it better than Intercom. But even with its robust capabilities, deriving meaningful insights from the wealth of customer data can be challenging. That’s where Viable, a state-of-the-art AI-powered text analysis tool, comes in. Pairing Intercom with Viable provides businesses an unparalleled ability to understand and act on customer feedback.

This powerful combination can revolutionize your customer support processes, providing more valuable insights and efficient issue resolution.

The power of Intercom’s customer service platform

Intercom is a popular customer messaging platform that helps businesses connect with their customers. It provides a centralized hub for all customer interactions, whether it's live chat on your website, customer emails, or social media messages. With Intercom, you can manage all of these interactions in one place, making your customer service team more efficient and your customers happier.

One of the standout features of Intercom is its ability to automate many aspects of customer service. With automated messaging, you can provide instant responses to common questions, reducing the workload for your support team and improving the customer experience.

However, while Intercom is an excellent tool for managing customer interactions, deriving actionable insights from the wealth of data it generates can be a challenge. This is where the power of Viable comes in.

Intercom and Viable: More powerful together

Viable is an AI-powered text analysis tool specifically designed to make sense of unstructured customer feedback data. It automatically categorizes and tags customer feedback, identifying key themes and sentiments. When integrated with Intercom, Viable can process the content of your customer interactions, uncovering valuable insights that can inform strategic decision-making across your business.

The beauty of the Viable-Intercom integration lies in its simplicity. With just 2 clicks, you can easily connect your Intercom account with Viable. Once connected, Intercom data continuously syncs with Viable, making your customer feedback available for analysis in real-time.

In addition, Viable's text analysis capabilities go beyond traditional sentiment analysis tools. It uses cutting-edge AI, powered by GPT-4,  to understand the root causes of customer feedback, even identifying issues hidden in sarcasm or word ambiguity. This kind of in-depth analysis can help you better understand your customers' pain points and needs, leading to more effective customer support strategies.

Streamline customer support with Viable and Intercom

Once your Intercom data is in Viable, the AI-powered text analysis tool automatically categorizes and tags your customer interactions. This automatic process saves you the time and resources that would typically be spent manually analyzing customer interactions.

One feature that stands out with this integration is the ability to set up alerts for spikes in volume. This feature ensures you get ahead of any emerging issues before they become problematic. A sudden increase in customer interactions related to a specific issue can be an early warning sign of a larger problem. With Viable's volume spike alerts, you can quickly identify and address these issues, improving your customer experience and potentially preventing a minor issue from escalating.

Another feature that adds to the power of the Intercom-Viable integration is the ability to set a custom objective for every integration or report. This feature allows you to tailor your analysis to specific business needs, whether it's understanding customer sentiment about a new product or identifying common issues in a particular market.

Unlock hidden insights in your Intercom data

When you integrate Viable with Intercom, you don't just get a one-time analysis of your customer data. Viable continuously syncs with your Intercom account, analyzing new customer interactions as they happen. And to help you stay on top of your customer feedback, Viable provides a weekly analysis report.

These weekly reports provide a summary of key themes and sentiments in your customer interactions over the past week. They can help you identify trends, track changes in customer sentiment, and monitor the impact of any changes you've made in response to customer feedback. These insights can be invaluable in shaping your customer support strategies and improving your overall customer experience.

For example, if you notice a recurring theme of customers struggling with a specific feature of your product, you might decide to create a tutorial or FAQ to address this issue. Alternatively, if you see a positive sentiment around a recent update or new product, this could validate your development decisions and guide future improvements.

The future of customer support with Intercom and Viable

The integration of Intercom and Viable isn't just about improving your customer support operations—it's about transforming them. By uniting the power of a robust customer messaging platform with an advanced AI-powered text analysis tool, you can create a customer support system that's not only efficient but also insightful.

In today's competitive landscape, providing exceptional customer support is more important than ever. The combination of Intercom and Viable offers a powerful solution for businesses looking to enhance their customer support operations and gain deeper insights into their customer feedback.

Are you ready to revolutionize your customer support with the power of Intercom and Viable? Try a demo today and see the impact this integration can have on your business.

Nicole Bansal
Nicole Bansal, June 02, 2023
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