Feedback view

Feedback view

Ask questions and get summarized answers

The Feedback view provides all the customer feedback data points from the apps you’ve integrated.

Asking a question in the Question Box

At the top of the main viewing screen is the question box. This is where you type in a question you have about customers such as:

What do customers find delightful?
Why do customers abandon their shopping carts?
What do users find frustrating about the onboarding process?
Which features are enterprise customers excited about?
What do compliance officers like about the Alerts feature?
What is frustrating about creating boards?

The answer will be generated (below the question) as a paragraph summarizing all the customer feedback data points relevant to the question. The summary may include a few specific examples.

Displayed on the left will be a list of tags from the data points that the AI used to generate the answer.

You can give the answer a thumbs up/thumbs down to let us know if the answer was helpful. This will help improve future responses.

All the individual customer feedback that is relevant for this question and answer will be shown below the summary paragraph answer, starting with the most relevant data points first. This way you have all the backup data in one place.

Feedback view
Viable Team, December 04, 2020
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