Overview of your Viable workspace

Overview of your Viable workspace

Once you’ve signed up and connected a data source in Viable, you’ll see a main menu on the left side of the screen with the following sections:

Profile (see below)
Admin (see below)

Reports, Feedback, and Activity are the different views of the customer feedback data that comes from all your integrated apps. The data is sorted and tagged at the point it's ingested so you can immediately start looking at analysis through any of these views.

Reports give you the primary analysis of all your customer feedback. For instance, you can get a view of all your customer complaints, compliments, requests, and questions in the feedback analysis report. You’ll also get reports emailed to you on a regular cadence (for example, weekly).

Feedback is where you can explore each piece of feedback in its original form. You can filter to look at, say, just the helpdesk tickets that came in through Zendesk, or just the survey responses gathered for a specific time period.

Activity is where you see previous questions asked by you or a colleague, along with the answer provided.

Profile is where you will manage your name, password, and email.

Admin is where you’ll see your company name, plan/billing details, and the customer feedback apps you’ve integrated. If you’re the admin user for your organization, you can integrate additional apps from here.

Overview of your Viable workspace
Viable Team, February 04, 2022
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