The Best Customer Feedback Tools in 2023

Take your customer experience management to the next level with the best customer feedback tools in 2023.
Nicole Bansal
Nicole Bansal, July 10, 2023

Everyone wants to improve their customer experience. But unless you’re listening to what your customers are saying, you won’t know which areas to target. Luckily, there are a number of customer feedback tools available in 2023 that can help you collect, analyze, and act on customer feedback more effectively.

In this post, we'll go over some of the best tools available in 2023.

Why are customer feedback tools useful?

Before getting into our list, it's essential to understand why these tools are so crucial for businesses. In a rapidly evolving marketplace, the voice of the customer has become more important than ever. Customer feedback tools allow businesses to capture this voice and understand how customers perceive their products or services.

These tools are the ears and eyes of your business. They provide a channel for customers to express their thoughts and feelings about your product, user experience, or customer service. Whether it's through surveys, support tickets, or social media interactions, these platforms make it possible for customers to communicate their experiences directly to you.

Customer feedback tools aren't just about gathering data, though. The best tools are able to analyze this data, identify trends and patterns, and provide actionable insights. They give you a clear understanding of what's working, what isn't, and where there are opportunities for improvement.

By using customer feedback tools, you can make informed decisions to enhance your products or services, improve your customer service, and ultimately boost customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The best customer feedback tools in 2023

Now that we understand why these tools are so valuable, let's dive into the best customer feedback tools available in 2023.

Viable: Unleashing the power of AI in customer feedback analysis

Viable offers a new paradigm in customer feedback analysis. Built on OpenAI’s GPT-4, one of the most advanced large language models available, Viable is designed to delve into your customer feedback and unearth the rich insights hidden within.

Whether you're dealing with surveys, support tickets, or social media data, Viable's AI-powered platform is capable of processing massive amounts of unstructured text data. It's not just about sifting through feedback, though. Viable's AI can identify trends and patterns, categorize feedback into themes, and perform sentiment analysis. It's capable of understanding language nuances, such as slang and sarcasm, ensuring that the true meaning of your customer feedback is captured.

But Viable doesn't stop at analysis. It also presents your insights in an easy-to-understand format, so you can take immediate action. The AI even provides suggestions for follow-up questions to ask your customers, helping you dive deeper into specific issues or topics.

Delighted: Effortless surveying at its finest

Delighted excels in simplicity and functionality. As a feedback tool, it enables businesses to create intuitive and professional-looking surveys within a matter of minutes. It's not just about the speed, though; it's about reaching customers wherever they are. From emails and websites to SMS and more, Delighted paves the way for multi-platform customer interaction.

Collect feedback through a variety of survey types such as Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) questions, all in real-time. Track your responses effortlessly with a user-friendly dashboard that makes understanding customer sentiment easy. With Delighted, the power to unlock deep customer insights is just a few clicks away.

Kustomer: A conversational approach to customer support

Kustomer has reimagined the customer service paradigm in making conversations the focal point. Instead of juggling between multiple tickets, customer support teams have all customer interactions across various channels consolidated into a single, easily navigable space.

But Kustomer's prowess doesn't stop at consolidation. With a suite of intelligent automation features and powerful integrations, businesses can manage large volumes of customer inquiries without compromising the personal touch that customers cherish. In essence, Kustomer transforms customer support from a transactional necessity into a relationship-building opportunity.

Gladly: Reimagining customer service

Gladly breaks away from the conventional ticket-based approach to customer service and chooses to see customers for what they are—people. This perspective shift revolutionizes customer-agent interactions by offering a lifelong conversation history, ensuring every conversation picks up right where it left off.

By unifying various communication channels, Gladly makes it possible for businesses to meet customers on their preferred platforms. With Gladly, every interaction becomes an opportunity to deliver a cohesive, personalized, and positive customer experience.

Typeform: The engaging feedback solution

Typeform brings a breath of fresh air to the customer feedback landscape. Renowned for its user-friendly interface and interactive forms, Typeform turns surveys into engaging conversations. This conversational approach can significantly increase response rates, offering more representative and comprehensive insights into the customer experience.

With Typeform, creating visually stunning and personalized surveys becomes a delight. By transforming feedback collection into an enjoyable interaction, customers are more likely to engage, share, and provide the valuable insights your business needs.

Hotjar: Insights beyond the traditional

While Hotjar may not be a conventional customer feedback tool, it offers a wealth of insights into customer behavior. From heatmaps and session recordings to conversion funnels, Hotjar unveils how customers interact with your website or app.

In addition to these behavioral analytics, Hotjar also provides feedback polls and surveys that you can embed directly into your site. By combining behavior analysis and direct feedback, Hotjar equips businesses with a 360-degree view of the customer experience.

GetFeedback: All-in-one feedback collection

GetFeedback is an all-in-one platform designed to streamline your feedback collection and analysis process. Known for its seamless integration with Salesforce, GetFeedback helps businesses capture, analyze, and act on customer insights directly within their CRM.

Creating personalized surveys with GetFeedback is a breeze. The platform’s intuitive survey builder allows you to design beautiful, mobile-friendly surveys that reflect your brand identity. GetFeedback supports a range of question types, from multiple choice and slider to NPS and CSAT questions.

But the power of GetFeedback lies not just in its flexibility and ease of use, but also in its analytics capabilities. The platform’s real-time dashboards and analytics tools give you a clear understanding of your customer feedback, making it easy to spot trends, track performance, and identify areas for improvement.

Qualtrics: Comprehensive and robust feedback summaries

As one of the most extensive customer feedback tools, Qualtrics caters to enterprise businesses looking for depth and breadth in their feedback collection and understanding. You can design a wide range of surveys and gather feedback across different channels.

Qualtrics stands out for its robust analytics. It doesn't just collect feedback—it provides comprehensive summaries and detailed segmentation, making it ideal for large businesses or those with complex needs.

Choosing the best customer feedback tool for your needs

Each of these customer feedback tools offers its own unique strengths. In the end, it's about finding the best customer feedback tool for your specific needs. No matter which one you choose, Viable can help you get the most out of your customer data. Our AI, powered by GPT-4, goes below the surface to unveil rich insights that traditional tools overlook.

Interested in understanding how your customers are feeling on a deeper level? Get started today.

Nicole Bansal
Nicole Bansal, July 10, 2023
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