Viable API Ingest documentation

Viable API Ingest documentation

Below are instructions for how to import custom data into Viable.

Getting your API key

  1. In Viable, click on "Admin" -> "Integrations"
  2. Scroll down the page
  3. Copy your API key

POSTing data to the ingress endpoint

The[YourViableAPIKey]/ingress endpoint allows you to POST custom data into Viable. It accepts a JSON body with these attributes:

  • text (required) The text you'd like us to ingest, e.g "The Viable API documentation could be improved by..."
  • text_created_at (required) The timestamp for the date and time the text was created, e.g. "2021-04-20T16:20:00+00:00"
  • email (required) The email (or other unique identifier) of the author of the text, e.g. ""
  • source (optional) The source of the text, e.g. "feedback-form"
  • prompt (optional) The question or request that prompted this text, e.g. "Do you have any feedback for us?"
  • traits (optional) an object containing traits for the user, e.g. {"Subscription": "Enterprise", "User Type": "Driver"}
  • metadata (optional) an object containing metadata for the feedback, e.g. {"App Version": "2.3.0", "Product": "iOS App"}
 "text": "Some text to ingest",
 "text_created_at": "2021-04-20T16:20:00+00:00",
 "email": "",
 "metadata": {
 "Label One": "Value",
 "Label Two": "Next Value"
 "traits": {
 "Trait Label One": "Trait Value",
 "Trait Label Two": "Next Trait Value"
Viable API Ingest documentation
Viable Team, June 11, 2021
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