Viable's Frequently Asked Questions

You asked, we answered. Our FAQs provide insight into how to use Viable, our integrations, and more.

What is Viable?

Viable is the leading AI tool

Designed to revolutionize how businesses interpret vast amounts of qualitative data. Born out of the need to understand customer feedback, Viable taps into the power of OpenAI's GPT-4, combined with 9 proprietary cAI models, to swiftly turn raw data into actionable insights.

At its core, Viable is more than just another analytics software; it's an intelligent assistant for businesses. Its strength lies in its ability to analyze and identify nuanced themes from millions of data points.

But what truly sets Viable apart is its commitment to user empowerment. It provides businesses the agility to tailor their analysis in alignment with their unique objectives. Whether it's crafting detailed FAQs, PRDs, strategic documents, or marketing messaging, Viable acts as a co-pilot, ensuring that businesses remain customer-centric while saving countless hours.

what is viable
What is Generative Analysis?

Pioneering decision-making with GPT-4

Generative analysis harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to swiftly evaluate vast volumes of data, providing insights that guide your decision-making process. It goes beyond the capacity of manual computation, offering a depth and speed of understanding that's simply unattainable for an individual within a practical timeframe.

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Does Viable integrate with other software?

Viable seamlessly integrates with your favorite tools

Viable saves you time and energy by automating the manual tagging process and structuring customer feedback for analysis. We do this by connecting to popular data sources like popular helpdesk platforms (i.e. Zendesk, Helpscout, etc), survey tools (i.e. SurveyMonkey, Google Forms, Typeform, etc), product review apps (i.e. Appbot, Pendo, etc.), and spreadsheets. Synching your favorite tools with Viable is easy: in just a few clicks, you can import customer feedback from your tools and our AI for seamless qualitative analysis.

what is viable
How does Viable handle personal data?

Viable is SOC 2 Type 2 certified.

We don’t import personally identifiable information (PII) for our qualitative analysis to work. Any such information found in your data is automatically excluded prior to importing your data into Viable.

We do display a unique identifier per piece of feedback (such as an email) only if such data is available (for example, from your helpdesk tools) so you know which customers to further support.

Your data is never shared with anyone externally and is only used for the purposes of enrichment so you can get the best possible qualitative analysis to improve your products and serve your customers better.

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What questions should you ask Viable?

There’s a lot of great insight waiting to be untapped through your qualitative data from your customers.

Viable has four different types of datasets: surveys, reviews, helpdesk tickets, and social media posts.

The quality of the answers that Viable will provide you with, depends on the type of data ingested. If you’ve got a lot of open ended survey responses (from NPS or CSAT surveys, for example), you will be able to ask certain types of questions like, “what should we build next?” and get strong answers.

If the primary data set is support tickets, questions like “what issues are customers having with their accounts?” would be more appropriate.

Our blog offers additional tips on asking Viable the right questions to get the answers you seek.

what is viable
How is Viable different from ChatGPT?

OpenAI summarizes your data, Viable Provides an in-depth, qualitative analysis of your data.

To understand the difference between Viable and ChatGPT, we first need to dive into what ChatGPT is. ChatGPT stands for Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer, it is a language model-based chatbot developed by OpenAI, that enables users to refine and steer a conversation towards a desired length, format, style, and language used. ChatGPT interacts with users in a conversational way.

This dialogue format makes it possible for ChatGPT to answer follow-up questions, admit its mistakes, challenge incorrect premises, and reject inappropriate requests. Open AI gives you a summary of the data that you feed it, whereas Viable provides you with a qualitative analysis, allowing you to dig deeper into your data and draw more concrete insights. ChatGPT can also provide the user with data that sounds plausible, but is incorrect or nonsensical. Fixing this issue is challenging, however, with Viable we do not run into this fundamental issue. We pull from your data to compile your custom reports.

The last major way we are different from OpenAI is that OpenAi can use your data however they want, meaning they can use the data you feed them for training their model. With Viable, your data stays your data. We do not use your data to train our model.

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Why do I need to book a demo, why can't I connection my data immediately? How do I get started?

Getting started is easy, and is only a few clicks of a button away.

Our Sales team tailors each experience for our customers so that when it is time to input your data into Viable, you are an expert. Each application of Viable is unique to each customer, so a demo is needed in order for you to have the best experience possible.

what is viable
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